Billing Service

Physical Therapy Billing is Our Specialty.

Due to rising costs, lower reimbursements, and the ever-changing Medicare requirements, collecting fees for your service has become a full time job in itself. Our all-inclusive billing solution is more than just a clearinghouse and software.  Instead, it includes a team of dedicated billing professionals that provide an unmatched level of customer service and the #1 accounts receivable collection rates in the industry.

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Daily Claim Scrubbing & Submission

To expedite your payments and reduce costly denials, our billing service includes daily claim submission to Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurances, Workers Compensation, Attorney Cases or Auto Insurance. We also “scrub” each claim to ensure that the required information and modifiers are present before they are submitted the first time.

Accounts Receivables Follow Up

Often referred to as “sharks”, our billing service includes a team of accounts receivable specialists dedicated to tracking down every penny owed to you. Regardless of the payer, the amount outstanding or the reason that a denial or rejection was received, our team persistently follows up on each claim and takes the appropriate steps to get claims paid.

Dedicated Customer Care Manager

Our billing solution is more than just software and a clearinghouse.  Instead, our industry leading billing service is powered by a team of highly trained billing professionals committed to delivering an unmatched level of customer service and results that will enhance the financial growth of your business.  Our service also includes a single point of contact that will work closely with you every step of the way.


G-Code Tracking & Submission

We track and submit all functional limitation and PQRS G-codes for you at no additional charge.  Using automatic reporting prompts and built-in rule management tools, our G-code billing solution provides therapists and practice owners with peace of mind when it comes to G-code reporting compliance and getting Medicare claims paid in full the first time.

Patient Invoicing

We treat your patients with a high level of professionalism that you would expect and that they deserve. Our billing team prepares, analyzes and mails invoices to your patients for any outstanding balances that were not collected at the time of service. If your patients have a question about their invoice, our customer care team will speak directly to your patient to ensure that they are cared for in a clear and professional manner.

Transparent Reporting

We understand there can be a level of uncertainty when it comes to partnering with a billing service which is why we offer the most transparent billing service in the industry.  In fact, we encourage our customers to access and analyze their key indicator reports to keep a pulse on not only the health of their own business but also the performance of our service.  There should never be any unknowns when it comes to the financial status of your business which is why we provide every customer with 24/7 access to a robust set of reporting tools.




A Fully Customizable Documentation System That Saves You Time.

Our PT/OT dedicated documentation solution is best described by therapists as the most streamlined, customizable and efficient system in the rehab industry.  Use our extensive library of clinical templates, outcome measures, and interactive pain drawings or create fully customizable templates to fit the needs of your practice. StrataEMR makes documenting easy and efficient to save you time.

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Clinical Content & Outcome Measure Libraries

The StrataEMR template libraries contain both orthopedic and specialty templates as well as auto-scoring functional outcome measures and dynamic pain drawings. Each clinical template library includes a set of initial evaluation, re-evaluation, daily note, progress note and discharge summary templates to save you time.

Fully Customizable Templates

StrataEMR offers the cleanest and most flexible documentation solution in the industry.  Each template is fully customizable to fit the needs of your practice, treatment style and type of patients you see.  From simple physician letter templates to more detailed protocol templates, we support nearly anything that you can dream of to make the documentation process as easy and efficient as possible.

Physician & Insurance Letter Templates

The StrataEMR template libraries offer more than just clinical documentation templates.  They also include a set of fully customizable physician and insurance letter templates to assist you with clinical and administrative tasks such as medical records, referral, TENS unit and authorization requests to save you time with your daily operations.



Capture & Insert Patient Images

Use a webcam, iPad or your favorite tablet to capture patient headshots or clinical images that can be inserted directly into your documentation.  Whether you want to take a series of pictures to document rehab progression or create a customized home exercise program using real pictures of your patients, inserting custom images into your document doesn’t get any easier.

Medicare Compliance Alerts

Due to the ever changing Medicare rules, keeping up with all of the documentation requirements has become a full time job in itself.  With help from our Medicare Compliance Team and innovative software, StrataEMR contains detailed alerts, notifications and pre-defined documentation templates to keep you compliant.


e-Doc Storage

Stay entirely paperless with our e-Doc storage. Upload and store your patient’s insurance cards, referrals, medical records, intake forms or any type of other external document directly into the patients chart. These are not “add-on” services. They are free and unlimited.



Electronic Signature Capture

Our electronic signature capture feature gives you another tool to stay 100% paperless.  Easily allow your patient to sign a benefit confirmation document, treatment note, privacy policy and financial policy using your mouse or a tablet.

Patient Invitation

Often referred to as the patient intake, StrataEMR contains a robust invitation system that allows therapists and their staff to invite patients to fill out pain drawings, outcome measures, demographic forms or electronically view and sign administrative documents directly from a tablet, laptop or desktop in order to stay paperless and save time during the initial evaluation.

Inbound & Outbound e-Faxing

Quickly fax your plan of care to the referring physician using our outbound faxing service and receive your signed plan of care back in the patient’s chart using our inbound faxing service. 





A Customizable & Integrated Scheduling Solution That Improves Your Workflow.

The StrataEMR scheduler delivers a simple yet innovative scheduling solution to manage your patient appointments and assist with the administrative, billing and clinical workflow of your practice.  Best described as clean, customizable and seamlessly integrated with our documentation, billing and benefit verification services, the StrataEMR scheduler is guaranteed to improve your administrative and clinical workflow.

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Appointment Reminders

Reduce your no shows by 45% using our phone, email and text messaging appointment reminders. Custom delivery settings allow you to select the time of day and number of days in advance. Using your custom settings, each reminder is automatically sent to your scheduled patients to save you time and keep your patients coming through the door.

Virtual Workflow Tools

StrataEMR contains a set of robust workflow tools designed to streamline the administrative and clinical workflow for outpatient practices.  Using a virtual waiting room, treatment room and a number of automated tasks and notifications, these tools simply improve your operational workflow and make managing your practice easier.

Integrated Billing & Co-Pay Alerts

Collecting patient co-pays and co-insurance amounts at the time of service plays a key role in the financial success of your business.  With co-pay amounts clearly displayed on the schedule, it takes the guess work out of how much should be collected from each patient at the time of service.



Practice Management

Managing Your Outpatient PT/OT Practice Just Got Easier.

Our goal is to make your daily business operations as easy and streamlined as possible.  Using a unique combination of innovative software and hands on experience in the outpatient therapy setting, our seamlessly integrated practice management solution provides you with practical systems to efficiently manage the operational tasks that are needed to succeed.

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Marketing Tools

Generating referrals for your practice is often one of the most difficult but most important tasks for your business.  Using industry leading marketing systems such as our Referral Network Tool, we help you keep a pulse on the referral patterns to maximize your caseload.


Authorization Management

Keeping track of your insurance authorization can be a time consuming task that if not managed efficiently can lead to costly denials.  Using our integrated benefit verification service in combination with authorization alerts and notifications, managing the authorizations in your practice is made easy. 


Customizable Tasks & Notifications

StrataEMR contains a robust set of tasks and notifications that are designed to prevent the overwhelming number of administrative, clinical and billing related tasks from slipping through the cracks.  However, we understand that each practice operates a little differently which is why our practice management solution gives users the flexibility to create custom tasks and notifications to fit your needs.


Medicare G-Code & Cap Management

Medicare has made keeping track of their latest rules and G-code reporting requirements everything but easy. Using automatic reporting prompts, intelligent alerts and a Medicare therapy cap display gauge , StrataEMR provides therapists and practice administrators with the most efficient  solution in the rehab industry.

Robust Reporting

We understand that the use of robust reporting to keep a pulse on the health of your business is a key component of managing your practice.  Using our comprehensive reporting module, you have full access to an abundant number of valuable reports to analyze business trends such as your accounts receivables, average reimbursements, therapist productivity and total collections.

Progress Report & Plan of Care Tracking

We understand that keeping track of your plan of care expiration dates or when a progress note is due for each patient are tedious and time consuming tasks that are often overlooked.  StrataEMR delivers a key indicator display gauge with built in alerts that automatically keep track of when the plan of care is ready to expire or when a progress note is due.



G-code Reporting

Medicare G-Code Reporting.
We Make It Free, Easy & Efficient.

Using a combination of built in reporting rules and automated prompts; we make functional limitation and PQRS G-Code reporting easy & efficient. You select the appropriate G-codes and functional impairment status and we’ll take care of the rest to ensure that your claims get paid the first time. It’s that simple.

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Functional Limitation Tracking & Reporting

Using a combination of innovative software and a team of highly trained functional limitation reporting specialists, we make functional limitation reporting free, easy and efficient. You pick the appropriate functional impairments and severity status and we do the rest to ensure that costly denials are prevented and that your claims are paid in full the first time.

PQRS Tracking & Reporting

Part of our mission to maximize your revenue includes a strong set of systems that make participating in PQRS a walk in the park. Using automated PQRS alerts and notifications that are seamlessly integrated with our billing and documentation systems, we ensure that your Medicare reimbursements will not be reduced as a result of not successfully reporting the appropriate PQRS G-codes for your patients.

Understanding G-Codes

With all of the “G-code buzz” and abundance of new Medicare rules and requirements, understanding the difference between Functional Limitation Reporting and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is not easy.

Visit www.FunctionalLimitationReporting.com to Learn More! 




Billing Service

Knowing Your Patient's Insurance Benefits Will Improve Your Revenue.

Understanding your patient’s insurance benefits plays a key role in maximizing payment for your services. Our benefit verification service includes a team of highly trained professionals who call and obtain detailed policy information for every patient prior to their first visit.  Obtaining this valuable information simply prevents costly denials and maximizes your collections.

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Detailed Policy Information

Do I need to collect a co-pay? Is authorization required? Does my patient have a deductible that hasn’t been met? Is the policy number that my patient provided me even correct?  These are just a few questions that our benefit verification service provides answers for in order to make sure that you are going to get paid in full for your services.


More Than Just Software.

Part of our mission of providing an unmatched level of custom service includes the way in which we power our benefit verification service.  Although we have the option to conduct benefit verifications using automated software, our experience proves that the use of software does not result in as accurate and detailed policy information as using our team of highly trained benefit verification specialists.

Benefit Confirmation Document

All of the detailed policy information that our team obtains is displayed on a detailed benefit confirmation document.  This professional looking document contains all of the patient’s policy information with an acknowledgement statement and patient signature line.  Communicating this valuable information to your patient allows you to offer a higher level of service to your patient and prevents any invoice surprises. 



Experience the StrataPT Difference.

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PT/OT Focused

Delivering efficient & practical systems to outpatient PT & OT practices is our specialty. We offer the perfect combination of exceptional service & innovative software to maximize your revenue, save you time & make managing your practice easy.

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Web-Based Using Any Device.

Access your schedule, documentation, practice management and billing from anywhere on any device. Use a PC, Mac, iPad or your favorite tablet. We support them all.

Accounts receivable

Accounts Receivables

The success of your business is dependent on the status of your accounts receivables which is why we deliver the #1 accounts receivable collection rate in the industry.


Customer service

Customer Service

Our services include a dedicated account manager & a team of professionals that have a high level of passion and commitment to assist with your company’s success.


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Fully Integrated

StrataEMR is the most streamlined all-in-one PT/OT solution in the industry. Use one system to access your schedule, documentation, practice management tools, billing, G-code reporting & benefit verifications.


Client ReviewWhat a pleasure it is to work with StrataPT! To say their customer service is outstanding doesn't do it justice. Their warmth and willingness to help comes through whether it's on the phone or via e-mail. After having an unpleasant experience with another billing service, it is like a breath of fresh air to work with an organization that values the personal relationship they are building with each and every client. Our collections have improved and our patients do not have problems interpreting statements. We feel very fortunate to have partnered with StrataPT!