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Your Workers Comp Claims Should Be Going Electronic

Your Workers Comp Claims Should Be Going Electronic

The vast majority of physical therapy billing companies do not have the resources and technology to send workers compensation claims and clinical documentation electronically. StrataPT does!

You Should Not Be Staying Late to Complete Documentation

You Should Not Be Staying Late to Complete Documentation

Do you find yourself completely dreading the documentation of your treatment because it takes exponentially longer than it should? Do you spend time sorting through endless templates that do not pertain to your patient population?  Do you complete lengthy notes that do not follow your flow and style of treatment?

You Deserve Concierge Level Customer Service

You Deserve Concierge Level Customer Service

When you are running a busy physical therapy practice, the last thing you should have to do is sit on hold or wait days on end for a response from your physical therapy billing and EMR company.  At StrataPT, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service in the industry.

A Simple Outline of how MIPS May Impact Your Physical Therapy Practice

There are an immense amount of complex details buzzing around the MIPS program right now. We believe that it is important to keep you in the loop and at least provide some general information so you can begin preparing mentally and begin to educate yourself on the topic.

Do You Feel in the Dark When It Comes to Your Billing?

Do You Feel in the Dark When It Comes to Your Billing?

The goal of StrataPT is to fight endlessly for ALL money owed to our providers but also to clearly display what efforts are being put forth to get them paid. The StrataPT Clarity Panel was designed to provide our clients with a play by play view of every billing and follow up action being performed on every patient account.  There are no secrets, there are no blindfolds.

A True All In One System

A True All In One System

Every time you “bolt on” additional software to an existing platform, the disruption felt by clients is significant and the opportunity for error is increased. At StrataPT, we don’t acquire outside systems and latch them onto our existing product and would NEVER hire outside billing companies to do the billing you hired us to do.

Simple and Honest Pricing

Simple and Honest Pricing

What billing & EMR companies fail to share during the “sales process” are all of the add-on fees that will be tacked on to your monthly invoice. When researching your options, make sure you use the following checklist to spare yourself from any feature limitations or invoicing surprises down the road.

Does Your EMR Require a Chainsaw?

Does Your EMR Require a Chainsaw?

Many physical therapy billing and EMR companies have means in which feature requests can be suggested. Some use a community message board, while others ask you to send an email to an address that is so generic you wonder if it has even been received. Then you have others that well…simply just don’t want to hear your request at all.

US-Based Tech Support

US-Based Tech Support

All of our employees from tech support to billing specialists are located in the US. We don’t outsource overseas and never will. Our clients deserve US-based support and shouldn’t have to worry if it’s raining in Uzbekistan!

What Does it Take to Start a Physical Therapy Practice?

If you are reading this blog, there is a pretty good chance you are considering starting your own physical therapy clinic.  You are probably slightly apprehensive and uneasy as to where to even begin.  You have extensive clinical education under your belt and you can treat a patient that just suffered a devastating injury but… Continue Reading

Tired of Administrative Tasks Slipping Through the Cracks?

We get it! In the outpatient physical therapy industry, there are so many things to keep track of. With each insurance payer intentionally developing different rules and regulations, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the ever-changing tactics that they throw at you in an attempt to deny claims. How would you answer the following? 1.) How… Continue Reading

When Will My Patients Start Receiving Their Updated Medicare Cards?

With April 1st right around the corner, Medicare will start sending beneficiaries their new Medicare cards. CMS will continue to issue the new cards in several waves over the coming months. Below is a quick overview of what states are included in each wave and a general timeline of when you can expect your patients… Continue Reading

New Medicare Cards and Numbers – Top 5 Things You Should Know

In the coming weeks, CMS will start rolling out new Medicare numbers for each beneficiary. If you provide physical therapy services to Medicare patients, below are the top 5 things you should know. Medicare will start issuing beneficiaries new Medicare numbers on April 1, 2018. The transition to these numbers will occur over the next 1.5 years… Continue Reading

Changes to the 2018 Medicare Fee Schedule – How will it impact your reimbursement? Use the StrataPT Calculator to find out!

There were multiple changes made to the 2018 Medicare fee schedule – some that will work in your favor and another that will not. Let’s start with a simple breakdown on how the Medicare fee schedule is determined: Payment = Conversion Factor * (RVU [Practice Expense] + RVU [Work Expense] + RVU [Malpractice])  Conversion Factor:… Continue Reading

Making Sense of the Medicare Deductible in 2018

Every Medicare beneficiary has an annual deductible that must be met prior to Medicare making payment for services. The deductible amount for 2018 is $183. What Does this Mean? This means that a beneficiary must receive $183 worth of services before Medicare will make payment to a provider. This service doesn’t necessarily need to be physical therapy visits,… Continue Reading

Therapy Cap in 2018 – No Fluff, Just What You Need To Know

Click Here to read the most recent update! For physical and speech therapy combined, the therapy cap is $2,010. For occupational therapy, the therapy cap is $2,010. The exceptions process (appendage of the KX modifier) allowing payment above this cap expires on December 31, 2017. Without extension, any treatment above $2,010 will be the beneficiary’s… Continue Reading

Pick One – More Revenue or More Time with Your Family

Pick One – More Revenue or More Time with Your Family

But what if you didn’t have to pick? As a business owner and a mom to two very young children, I understand the struggle of wanting to build a business yet still be a very present parent. My entrepreneurial side yearns to grind it out, generate jobs around the country, and provide a phenomenal product… Continue Reading

Are You Getting Workers Compensation Claims Paid in 10-15 Days?

If you accept any type of workers compensation insurance, you understand the labor-intensive burden it can place on your practice. It’s pretty fair to say that the administrative costs involved with workers complementation claims place a huge dent in the already low reimbursement. If you are performing your billing in-house, I would say that you or your biller… Continue Reading

Top 10 Highest Reimbursing Medicare Localities for Physical & Occupational Therapy Practices

As a physical therapy billing and software company that works with both new and established practice owners in the physical/occupational therapy industry, we are often questioned as to what areas of our great nation have the highest reimbursement. Our social media walls are often filled with articles that advertise the “Top 10 beach resorts in the U.S.” or… Continue Reading

The Misperception of a Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation – Part II

Our prior focus in our blog, “The Misperception of a Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation (97002)” continues to be a very hot topic in the physical and occupational therapy industry.  Since publishing that blog several years ago, the physical and occupational evaluation codes have changed.   The edit specific to revaluations is that the original CPT code of… Continue Reading

Health & Fitness for People Who Work in an Office

Health & Fitness for People Who Work in an Office

As a health and movement advocate who happens to also have a desk job, I understand that healthy can be hard. We live in a fast paced world with more and more conveniences being thrown our way in order to keep up. As obesity and diabetes rates continue to rise and cancer diagnosis reach record highs, the facts… Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Billing: A Day in the Life of an AR Specialist

“So what do you do for a living?” That very basic question is one that everyone has or will be asked at some point in their life. It’s a conversation starter and often a measurement of your status and potential in the eyes of others. My usual response to this inquiry is, “I handle billing and credentialing… Continue Reading

Focus On Your Core Competencies.

Efficiently running a physical therapy practice is no easy task that requires you to wear a number of different hats.  Some hats may fit with ease and prove to be something you are comfortable with, while other hats are ill-fitting and end up draining you of your original inspiration to start your own practice. As… Continue Reading

Uniquely Personal

Your patients depend on your guidance, expertise and feedback to ensure their complete recovery.  They appreciate the personal interaction with you and know that they are receiving care from someone that truly understands their unique situation.  Shouldn’t you expect the same from your billing and EMR partner?  We think so.

You are thinking about starting your own practice.

You just started your own practice.

You treat Medicare Part B patients in the home.

You have a single location practice.

You have a multi-location practice.

No matter what category you fall into, StrataPT can help. We pride ourselves in being able to provide uniquely personalized software coupled with concierge level customer service.

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The StrataPT Team is available to answer your complex physical therapy billing questions and looks forward to exceeding your expectations in delivering an outstanding software experience with unmatched customer service in the industry.  Click the button below to request a demo with one of our team members today!

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