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Top 10 Highest Reimbursing Medicare Localities for Physical & Occupations Therapy Practices

As a physical therapy billing and software company that works with both new and established practice owners in the physical/occupational therapy industry, we are often questioned as to what areas of our great nation have the highest reimbursement. Our social media walls are often filled with articles that advertise the “Top 10 beach resorts in the U.S.” or… Continue Reading

The Misperception of a Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation – Part II

Our prior focus in our blog, “The Misperception of a Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation (97002)” continues to be a very hot topic in the physical and occupational therapy industry.  Since publishing that blog several years ago, the physical and occupational evaluation codes have changed.   The edit specific to revaluations is that the original CPT code of… Continue Reading

Health & Fitness for People Who Work in an Office

Health & Fitness for People Who Work in an Office

As a health and movement advocate who happens to also have a desk job, I understand that healthy can be hard. We live in a fast paced world with more and more conveniences being thrown our way in order to keep up. As obesity and diabetes rates continue to rise and cancer diagnosis reach record highs, the facts… Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Billing: A Day in the Life of an AR Specialist

“So what do you do for a living?” That very basic question is one that everyone has or will be asked at some point in their life. It’s a conversation starter and often a measurement of your status and potential in the eyes of others. My usual response to this inquiry is, “I handle billing and credentialing… Continue Reading

Focus On Your Core Competencies.

Efficiently running a physical therapy practice is no easy task that requires you to wear a number of different hats.  Some hats may fit with ease and prove to be something you are comfortable with, while other hats are ill-fitting and end up draining you of your original inspiration to start your own practice. As… Continue Reading

A Key Component For Business Success

Whether it is a physical therapy practice or a fast food restaurant, efficient systems are the lifeblood of any successful business. Let’s use the phenomenal story of the leading fast food restaurant in the world; McDonald’s as an example. The McDonald’s story all started back in 1948 when a set of brothers founded McDonald’s after… Continue Reading

The Customer Service Difference.

How many times have you hung up the phone or read an email from a company and thought to yourself, “Wow that was awesome customer service!”? Unfortunately, in today’s environment, we often times find ourselves experiencing the complete opposite. It is a sad reality but I can name on one hand how many companies I… Continue Reading

The Misperception of a Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation (97002).

When should I bill for a physical therapy re-evaluation (97002)? This has been a hot topic in many billing and coding seminars, discussions, and forums as there seems to be a very common misunderstanding as to when a physical therapy re-evaluation should be performed and billed. With that being said, I wanted to take a… Continue Reading

“Clean” Claims Produce Quick Victories

Whether you are a physical therapy practice owner, a physical therapy billing employee or an outsourced physical therapy billing provider, most would agree that getting a claim to pay is considered a victory.  To achieve this victory as quickly as possible, it is very important for claims to be submitted “clean.”  The term “clean” in… Continue Reading

Increase Patient Collections at the Time of Service

From co-payments to deductibles, more and more patients are becoming responsible for a higher percentage of their total healthcare bill. With this in mind, how can you ensure that your patients are paying for these bills so that it doesn’t impact your revenue? Below are some practical and simple proactive strategies that we have found… Continue Reading

PT House Calls Provide Opportunity and Growth

Whether you are interested in opening your own physical therapy clinic or you are just looking to expand your current practice, physical therapy house calls may be the solution to help you get started or increase your revenue. With a steady growth in our senior and baby boomer population, the healthcare community has also experienced a… Continue Reading

ICD-10 Codes Are Coming – Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the new HIPAA 5010 Requirements and ICD-10 Coding standards that are quickly approaching? For those of you that who handle medical claims, you are probably aware of the many changes that we will soon be facing in the medical billing industry. With the first deadline of January 1, 2012 right around… Continue Reading

The “Benefits” Of Checking Patient Benefits

Have you ever found yourself shocked in disbelief after opening a bill from one of your medical providers? You have insurance and you pay a monthly premium but your insurance company still did not cover the services that you were provided. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many patients do not have a good understanding when it comes… Continue Reading

Uniquely Personal

Your patients depend on your guidance, expertise and feedback to ensure their complete recovery.  They appreciate the personal interaction with you and know that they are receiving care from someone that truly understands their unique situation.  Shouldn’t you expect the same from your billing partner?  We think so.

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