Your Goal: Spend Less Time Completing Documentation

Our Solution: Simple & Customizable Documentation That Saves You Time

Every patient is different. Every clinician is different. Everyone has their own way of documenting. You shouldn’t be stuck documenting in stock templates that contain unnecessary clicks and endless details that don’t pertain to your practice. If you have any custom clinical protocols, you can add them too.

We cringe when potential clients share with us that they are working late nights and early mornings to keep up with their documentation. We understand that while documentation is a vital part of your business, it shouldn’t be something so burdensome that it keeps you from spending time with your family and the hobbies you love. If it does, let’s chat because we can help.

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I can actually finish my notes now, so my documentation time is less than half. Usually, I’d be up sometimes till midnight, because I’d have to review other things, but the system just works so smoothly for us now, that usually when I’m done with work, I’m done with my notes. I might take 10-20 minutes and review some stuff at night, but I’m having so much more family time. I actually feel like I’m doing something wrong, because I have so much more time with my family now, so that’s been a blessing for us.

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Dr. Miguel Q. DPT

Co-Owner | Alpha Rehab

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We have been using Strata PT for billing, documentation, and communicating with patients for almost two years now. The program is easy to maneuver through, and the dashboard is great for communicating. The schedule is easy to work with, and the reports are very beneficial.

Thanks, Strata!!!

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Summer S

Office Manager | Physical Therapy Down Under

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I am a new start up clinic and I would not be able to run my practice without Strata PT. They have all been very helpful with answering all of my many questions and helping with administrative tasks and billing. They have been great! The documentation is easy and can be customized. Eric was wonderful with getting me trained and Ashley has been so nice and responsive. I highly recommend using this company.

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Janelle B.

The Body Mechanics Therapy

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Having owned our PT practice since 2003, we have had several billing systems and companies handle our accounts. From "in-house billers" to complicated server based software, we have had it all. Now in our 15th year in business, having StrataPT on our team has made our practice so much more streamlined. The EMR is simple and easy to use. The screens flow well and has cut our documentation time down by at least 30%. The billing side has increased profits by 20% as well. Very few visits are written off due to the advanced backend of keeping track of authorizations, scripts, credentialing and more. By having StrataPT help, we have freed up more space in our office so we can focus on the quality of care we provide to our patients. It has also freed up more time for business marketing which has helped bring in even more patients. I am very glad we found StrataPT when we did, we can't imagine working without them!

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Brenton H.

Co-Owner | Genesis Physical Therapy

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