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We started StrataPT to deliver the most innovative technology and revenue cycle management service that allows practice owners to run a more efficient, profitable and patient-centric business. Jamey Shrier started Practice Freedom U to help practice owners work less, earn more and live the lifestyle they deserve.

Most likely, you started your physical therapy practice to build a strong business and provide the best therapy services to the wonderful patients in your community.

However, the reality is that like many private practice owners, you may be…

  • Feeling overwhelmed because there are too many things on your plate
  • Unsure as to what part of your business you should focus on first
  • Working way too many hours
  • Frustrated with a staff that just isn’t as productive as you would like
  • Wondering what metrics you should be tracking
  • Trying to figure out how you can be more profitable while also spending more time with your family
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Strata University provides an exclusive business insight & profit analysis program designed to help you overcome many of these realities. In partnership with Practice Freedom U, this “no fluff” 90 minute one-on-one program works with practice owners to assess the various components of their business, review key metrics and develop a strategic (and practical) plan that allows practice owners to re-focus and reach their full potential.

Business & Profit Analysis

With this assessment, you will…

  • Stop guessing on what to focus on first…understanding your most important metrics and how to use them to determine exactly where your problems exist.
  • Have a lot more confidence knowing you’re making the right business decisions day in and day out.
  • Finally get your time back because you’ll get clear on where you’re spending your time so you can begin to delegate effectively to increase your personal time.
  • Know your company’s profit number…the amount of money you could be making without adding significant expense.
  • Get crystal clear on the number of referrals, new patients and visits you need to make the money you want.
  • Reduce your overwhelm by having a plan of action of exactly what to focus on in your business.
  • Clarify the big vision for your practice and how you can get there.
  • How to implement a business method proven by 100’s of PT’s, OT’s and health professionals to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.
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You became a practice owner not to get stuck in the weeds of office management; not to be held hostage trying to be everything to everybody; and certainly not to become a gladiator doing battle every day, for every dollar against third-party payers.

You simply want to help others. You want to heal others. And you want to do it on your terms and reap the rewards of the great work you do.
Dr. Jamey Schrier

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