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Dr. Jacob Brindle

PT, DPT of Heart of Texas Physical Therapy

I’ve used MANY documentation systems over the years and they all have short-comings. The problem with most of them is that they typically are not willing to listen to suggestions and make changes to better serve the clinicians and practice. Strata sets the bar high. They bend over backwards to provide support in any way… Continue Reading

Jacquie McAdam

MPT, Owner, Copper City Physical Therapy

When I opened my own business, I decided to branch into the billing side as well and found that it worked well for my new business, Copper City Physical Therapy.  As time went on, and I began to require more in-depth reporting and accounting I spoke with the people at StrataPT.  At first I was… Continue Reading

Karen Story, MBA

Co-Owner, Story Physical Therapy

What a pleasure it is to work with StrataPT! To say their customer service is outstanding doesn’t do it justice. Their warmth and willingness to help comes through whether it’s on the phone or via e-mail. After having an unpleasant experience with another billing service, it is like a breath of fresh air to work… Continue Reading

Nicholas Parmigiano

MSPT, KB Fitness

As a Physical Therapist, I take pride in knowing that my patients leave a treatment session feeling they received effective and productive one-on-one attention, focusing on achieving their goals. In business, I look for a service that is just as effective. It is my objective to work with companies that understand my goals and aspirations,… Continue Reading

Chris Easton

PT, Co-Owner of The Therapy Place

Making a change in both EMR and billing services is likely the scariest thing you can imagine for your practice. We knew we needed to make a change and while looking we found StrataPT. We participated in an on-line demo and the EMR looked user friendly. We began utilizing Strata in July of 2013. Since… Continue Reading

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PT, Owner of Sever Effectiveness Strategies

Thank you for all your work for me and patience with me. Your work has been wonderful, helping my business and thus helping me treat patients, because I know that the billing part of my business is finally getting the attention it needs.  You have made a wonderful difference for me. And thank you for… Continue Reading

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MSPT, Chiropractic Physical Therapy

When we started our physical therapy and occupational therapy business 6 years ago, we never dreamed of all the things we would do and how we would grow.  Our company has grown in its diversity of practitioners, settings, and specialties.   We knew we needed to make a change in billing administration due to our growth,… Continue Reading

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Co-Owner, ProStar Physical Therapy

With the opening of our practice, ProStar Physical Therapy, we appreciate all the help and hard efforts StrataPT put in to make our Grand Opening a wonderful success!!  The StrataPT team worked tirelessly and efficiently to make sure all the checklist items for the complete billing process, and also Medicare/insurance applications were submitted accurately and… Continue Reading

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DPT, CSCS, Owner of Bayshore Physical Therapy

The StrataPT team has been crucial in helping me build my new PT business. The entire team from the owner on down have been very helpful in solving every problem I’ve encountered (which there have been many) while starting my solo practice. Ashley, my account manager, is unbelievable! She is so on top of everything… Continue Reading

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PT, Owner of Rehab Advantage

StrataPT plays a vital role in the day to day operations of our practice. As practitioners, we do our very best to provide our patients the best care possible by providing them with our expertise and professional knowledge. This is what StrataPT brings to our practice, their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the very complicated… Continue Reading

Derek Saltzman

PT, Owner of Fusion Physical Therapy

After considerable research and careful consideration weighing the pro’s and con’s of in-house billing vs the use of an outside company to handle my billing needs, I chose the latter. My choice of billing companies was made easy once I sat down for a demo with StrataPT. With Strata, I was able to streamline my… Continue Reading

Julie Adamski

DPT, Owner of Energy Physical Therapy

As a practicing physical therapist of over 13 years, physical therapy is not new to me but owning a business is new to me. After searching and researching many options, we came up with StrataPT, LLC. We have been very pleased with the support and customer service that we have experienced thus far. Ashley is… Continue Reading

Daniel Ohnstad

PT, Owner of Ohnstad Physical Therapy

As first time business owners and operators, StrataPT has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and caring towards our needs. The staff is always willing to answer questions and guide us in the right direction. We have now been in business for a year and a half and definitely would not be as successful as we are… Continue Reading

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PT, Owner of Mission Valley Physical Therapy

StrataPT was my choice for billing and documentation after looking at many other options and viewing many demos. I have found Strata to be impressively responsive to all questions and concerns, no matter what the issue. They are knowledgeable regarding current issues in Medicare and Strata’s electronic documentation option integrates all the changes that have… Continue Reading

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Co-Owner of The Therapy Place

StrataPT is the second company that we’ve used for billing and EMR. Are we glad we switched. The EMR is easy to use, intuitive and customizable. Any concerns are addressed immediately and we couldn’t be happier.

Joshua Long

PT, Owner of Enhance Rehabilitation

Strata has been an integral part to running my business and helping to make it a success from day one. Strata has been extremely easy to work and communicate with and more importantly, helped to decrease my stress level. I would recommend Strata to anyone looking to start their own therapy business!

Richard Kramer

PT, Co-Owner at Prostar Physical Therapy

StrataPT is second to none. Six years ago they assisted with our start up needs to build our private practice and went above and beyond. The EMR is always evolving to adjust to the constant changing of the insurance industry mandates. Ashley (our account manager) is extremely efficient and consistently responds in a prompt manner… Continue Reading

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PT, Owner at Vital Physical Therapy

StrataPT has been outstanding. As a new PT business, choosing them was one of the best decisions I have made for the business. It allowed me to focus on clinical work and the operation of the clinic, and I fully rely on them to handle insurance and claims matters. Ashley, my account manager is always… Continue Reading

Uniquely Personal

Your patients depend on your guidance, expertise and feedback to ensure their complete recovery.  They appreciate the personal interaction with you and know that they are receiving care from someone that truly understands their unique situation.  Shouldn’t you expect the same from your billing and EMR partner?  We think so.

You are thinking about starting your own practice.

You just started your own practice.

You treat Medicare Part B patients in the home.

You have a single location practice.

You have a multi-location practice.

No matter what category you fall into, StrataPT can help. We pride ourselves in being able to provide uniquely personalized software coupled with concierge level customer service.

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