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For over 10 years, StrataPT has been helping practice owners just like you uncover, and fully realize the "what ifs" that are most important to them. With an average reimbursement rate of 99.4%, you can get back to the best part of your practice and your life, while being assured that your business is fully-supported by our US-based, revenue cycle specialists. In addition, our industry leading EMR & Revenue Cycle Management platform will ensure that your practice runs at peak performance all day, every day!

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Complimentary Medicare Fee Calculator

We understand the importance of maximizing your time and receivables. Please enjoy this complimentary Medicare Fee Calculator tool which now includes e-visit reimbursement rates.  If you are in need of additional assistance, we are here to help! Feel free to contact us!

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Medicare Reimbursement

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2021 Reimbursement $0.00

Medicare Reimbursement

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2020 Reimbursement $0.00

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On average, StrataPT recovers 12-15% MORE than in-house billing departments.

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