How Does Your Physical Therapy Billing Service Compare? StrataPT Is Different and Here’s Why.

Author: Paul Singh
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From the Desk of Kim Peacock – Owner, StrataPT:

I could preach on this topic until I was blue in the face as to how near and dear I hold this component of my business to my heart.  As business owners, most of us lay out goals outlining our hopes and dreams as to what we hope to accomplish through our determination and hard work.  I knew when I started StrataPT, I wanted to help others.  More specifically, I wanted to help business owners and aspiring practice owners reach the potential that was within them. I wanted to help them own and operate a profitable private practice with tools that would make their lives as business owners as stress-free as possible while also being profitable. I was determined to build an all-inclusive physical therapy software platform that would simplify the daily operations for private practice owners and their staff. More importantly, I was determined to build a team of billing professionals with a reputation of providing an unmatched level of service. However, I wanted myself and everyone on my team to do all of this with a smile. I wanted to build a company that clients raved about.  With a constant stream of industry regulation changes and insurance company payer rule updates, this goal may seem nearly impossible.  However, I can proudly say that I have consistently hit this goal. This is not just my own biased opinion, but more importantly, the opinion of many outpatient private practice owners across the country that we have helped over the years (if you have a moment, check out our reviews).

You may ask yourself, “how?”. I hit this goal by always keeping my priorities in check.  My top priority has always and will always be customer service over growth.  While as business owners we all enjoy growth, and growth is a sign of a thriving business, I also believe that explosive growth over a short period of time can also jeopardize the reputation and relationships you hold with your current clients; the lifeblood of your company.  In our line of work, a client is not a one-time purchaser, but rather an ongoing relationship that can last several decades.  I refuse to treat my clients as a number, just another goal, or a quota that needs to be met.  I also refuse to outsource any of our services to a third-party company just to reduce my overhead costs. As a company, our growth has always been controlled and done so deliberately.  There have been months that we had to place potential clients on a waitlist.  While other companies may have been fearful of losing those waitlisted clients and brought them on without considering the repercussions of overworked staff or lowered company morale – I have not and will not.  

I don’t say all of this just to brag about how awesome StrataPT is, because that certainly is not my style. Instead, I highlight these things to shed some light on the fact that not every physical therapy billing and software company is the same.  Looping back around to my original message, delivering an unmatched level of customer service has and always will be at the core of our operations at StrataPT. I have found that if you treat others with the level of professionalism and respect that you expect, then they become lifelong fans. I understand that phenomenal customer service doesn’t necessarily encompass everything necessary to run a successful business; one must back their words and actions by fulfilling the promises they make.  In our industry, those promises are huge. We are essentially responsible for the revenue of every physical and occupational therapy practice we serve.  If we fail to do our job and do it well, then the heartbeat of a business will stop.  This is absolutely not something we take lightly, which is one of the main reasons why StrataPT is different.  We are certainly not the largest software and billing provider in our industry and to be honest, we are totally fine with that. Our customers love the fact that our relationship is built on individualized customer service and solutions that fit their practice needs instead of a one size fits all approach with sub-par customer service.

As I continue to build an incredible team at StrataPT, one of the top characteristics I look for in an employee is someone who is going to treat our client’s revenue and business as if it were their own.  I am confident that every single one of our clients, from California to Florida, would agree that our actions on a daily basis, combined with the all-inclusive physical therapy software platform we provide, continues to exceed their expectations and make their day to day operations so much easier.

If you are not feeling this kind of love from your billing service and/or software vendor, I encourage you to consider making a change. Running your practice and getting paid for your services shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. If it is, we would love to hear more about your practice, your goals, and what we can do to help you along the way.

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