You Deserve Concierge Level Customer Service

When you are running a busy physical therapy practice, the last thing you should have to do is sit on hold or wait days on end for a response from your physical therapy billing and EMR company.  At StrataPT, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service in the industry.

How do we do such?

We provide an unmatched level of customer service by using the best people, the strongest billing and operational processes, and the most robust platform available.


The most important responsibility of our Account Managers is client communication.  Account Managers are not the ones making AR calls or benefit calls.  They are the single point of contact for our customers and have a team of billing specialists completing these tasks and reporting to them.  This allows them to be readily available to our clients for their support needs.


StrataPT puts a huge focus on processes.  Our team is driven by processes that enhance the client experience and allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients.  Our Account Managers are rewarded based on their rapid response times and their effectiveness to provide knowledgeable support.


StrataPT has built a HIPAA secure messaging system that allows our clients to communicate directly with their Account Managers.  Response times are so fast that clients have commented how it almost feels like an instant messaging system.

See what others are saying about our customer service:

“The customer service is top notch. Previously I would wait days if not weeks for a response to a question; now I get immediate (and I mean immediate!) feedback.”

“I love having a personal contact who I can reach quickly and always strives to help in every way!”

”It is very nice to have our own account manager, whom we contact directly about any questions/concerns. She is always prompt and helpful!”

“Makes us feel like we are the only account that they have and gives us very individualized attention.”

“They are always fast to respond to any questions we may have and are always willing to go the extra mile on any task we may have for them.”

“Any questions that I have or issues with accounts are dealt with in a timely manner.”

“Their customer service is excellent, responding to any questions or concerns I have right away!”

“Always made themselves available to answer any questions that I and/or my coworkers have and they always answer promptly.”

“Very responsive to any questions that we might have regarding insurance and billing.”

 “They make you feel like you are their only client! All your issues are addressed and questions are answered comprehensively and in a timely manner; simply just call or write! Having a real person as your personal account manager gives you real peace of mind – a great touch!”

“Our account manager has always been quick to answer questions and taken the time to thoroughly explain the billing process.”

“Always prompt and easy to access for questions or issues, they have always continued to be an asset for my business.”

“To say their customer service is outstanding doesn’t do it justice. Their warmth and willingness to help comes through whether it’s on the phone or via e-mail. “

“Customer support is excellent and it’s nice to have one person to contact for any issues that arise.”

“The communication, customer service, and ease of using the system make the business side of running our practice efficient.”

“Every question we’ve had regarding billing and insurance issues, our amazing StrataPT dedicated account manager has answered.”

“The customer service I’ve received from StrataPT is unparalleled. Whether I have questions regarding a billing or insurance issue, or a technical issue with EMR, Strata’s team is all over it. “

“Customer support always gets back to me in a timely manner and my account manager is working hard to solve all problems”

“We have been very pleased with the support and customer service that we have experienced thus far.”

“The staff is always willing to answer questions and guide us in the right direction.”

“I have found Strata to be impressively responsive to all questions and concerns, no matter what the issue.”

“Strata has been extremely easy to work and communicate with”

“Our account manager is extremely efficient and consistently responds in a prompt manner and resolves any concerns we endure.”

“My account manager is always responsive, helpful and imparts lots of knowledge.”