Strata Clarity

Your Practice Deserves Clarity

Making a change to your billing operations is not an easy decision. We completely understand and respect the apprehension practice owners feel because of the enormous amount of trust required when relying on another company to collect their revenue.
All too often we hear from practice owners who do not have a clear picture of their revenue cycle or any idea what specific actions are being taken by their in-house billing staff or third-party billing company. Many practices also do not have an open line of communication with a dedicated billing account manager or the ability to send a message to their billing company and receive a thorough response back within hours.

StrataPT is Different

Your practice deserves clarity and at StrataPT we believe that clarity creates trust. Strata Clarity was developed by StrataPT to provide practice owners with a level of billing transparency, operational insight and customer support that is far greater than any other billing company in the industry.

What is included in Strata Clarity?

Displays the time and date claims are submitted to the insurance payer.

Why? We send claims daily and we want our actions clearly documented.

Displays the date and time insurance and patient payments are applied.

Why? We post payments the same day they are received and want our providers to see each applied payment..

Displays all follow up actions being performed by our billing team.

Why? We fight hard for every dollar owed and we want our providers to have access to the efforts being made to get them paid.

Displays the total insurance and patient balance on every patient account.

Why? Outstanding balances shouldn’t be a mystery.

Displays any denials that are received from the insurance payer.

Why? We follow up on any claim denials the same day they are received and want to be transparent with our providers.

Displays all messages between client and account manager pertaining to a patient.

Why? We think prompt communication is vital and we want our providers to stay informed.

Displays the date, status and value of statements being sent to patients.

Why? We send pre-screened patient statements consistently and want our providers to be kept in the loop on what is being delivered to their patients.

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