My experience with StrataPT has been outstanding! The program itself is user-friendly and I was able to learn it really fast. The team has always made themselves available to answer any questions that I and/or my coworkers have and they always answer promptly. Also, they take any suggestions to make the program better into consideration which is nice! There have been a couple of glitches along the way but they get resolved immediately. The instant message feature is awesome too! You’re able to send any information right through the program so there’s no outside faxing or emailing necessary, it’s all done within the program so it saves time which for me is excellent! The entire Strata team, from the billing department to tech support, they have all been really helpful, delightfully patient, friendly and prompt when it comes to answering any questions I’ve had no matter how dumb they may seem to me. It’s been an extremely enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend StrataPt.

Angie M..

Angie M.

Don't take our word for it. Our work speaks for itself:

Recent Reimbursement Rate
Recent Reimbursements Collected
Recent Patients Served
  • Medicare paid $102.52 to a client in Milwaukie, OR.

  • Sentara Health Plans paid $360.84 to a client in Dumfries, VA.

  • Broadspire paid $114.60 to a client in New Hyde Park, NY.

  • Medicare paid $1,270.41 to a client in Reno, NV.

  • Aetna paid $856.75 to a client in Flushing, NY.

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