After considerable research and careful consideration weighing the pro’s and con’s of in-house billing vs the use of an outside company to handle my billing needs, I chose the latter. My choice of billing companies was made easy once I sat down for a demo with StrataPT. With Strata, I was able to streamline my practice management by having my EMR, scheduling and billing all rolled into a single package. StrataPT was also instrumental in helping me get credentialed and ready to open my new practice.

Strata gives me the freedom to focus on treating patients and running my clinic. No worries about billing, chasing down payments, or appealing denials, Strata takes care of all of it. They even run benefit checks so there’s no surprises regarding co-pays, deductibles or authorization requirements for PT. Strata makes sure I know exactly what my pt’s benefits are before they even walk into the clinic.
The customer service I’ve received from StrataPT is unparalleled. Whether I have questions regarding a billing or insurance issue, or a technical issue with EMR, Strata’s team is all over it. My question/problem is resolved within the day if not the hour. My advice to PT practice owners, focus on what you do best, treating patients….. leave the rest to StrataPT!

Derek S. PT.

Derek S. PT

Don't take our word for it. Our work speaks for itself:

Recent Reimbursement Rate
Recent Reimbursements Collected
Recent Patients Served
  • BCBS of North Carolina paid $1,244.96 to a client in Cary, NC.

  • BCBS of Montana paid $213.17 to a client in Havre, MT.

  • PENN STATE ATHLETICS paid $857.75 to a client in Sarasota, FL.

  • Medicare paid $1,937.86 to a client in St Petersburg, FL.

  • Aetna paid $807.04 to a client in East Brunswick, NJ.

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