When I opened my own business, I decided to branch into the billing side as well and found that it worked well for my new business, Copper City Physical Therapy.  As time went on, and I began to require more in-depth reporting and accounting I spoke with the people at StrataPT.  At first I was resistant because I wanted to stay with the familiar.  However, as time went on, and I again needed those reports, I decided to make the transition to Strata PT.  I have never regretted it.  The online demonstration of their software was excellent, making it clear to me that I could cut down on the amount of paper in my office.  Technical support was very helpful in assisting me to set up documentation templates that fit my needs.  Answers to questions are knowledgeable, and solutions to problems are timely.  The billing agents have been phenomenal with much shorter turnaround time on payment than we were able to achieve in-house.  When delays occur there is a visible record of follow-up by the billing staff, so there is no question regarding the status of billing or accounts receivable. The reports generated are also clear, with breakdowns of all types.  I no longer have issues finding the in-depth analysis on my AR, payer mix, productivity of staff, or charge-level accounting.  I have been extremely pleased with the transition.  I would recommend StrataPT to any physical therapy practice.  It has been a perfect fit for me.


Jacquie M. MPT.

Jacquie M. MPT

Don't take our word for it. Our work speaks for itself:

Recent Reimbursement Rate
Recent Reimbursements Collected
Recent Patients Served
  • Medicare paid $15,736.29 to a client in Venice, FL.

  • Humana paid $250.03 to a client in Venice, FL.

  • Humana paid $551.29 to a client in Mountain Home, AR.

  • United Health Care paid $236.15 to a client in Potomac, MD.

  • State Farm paid $114.60 to a client in New Hyde Park, NY.

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