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StrataPT plays a vital role in the day to day operations of our practice. As practitioners, we do our very best to provide our patients the best care possible by providing them with our expertise and professional knowledge. This is what StrataPT brings to our practice, their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the very complicated and ever changing billing process. Every question we’ve had regarding billing and insurance issues, our amazing StrataPT dedicated account manager has answered. The StrataEMR with all its functions and capabilities is top notch, and the IT team is on it if ever questions or in rare cases if issues arise. The StrataPT team definitely helped the startup of our practice as seamless as possible and they continue to perform exceptionally well. They give us the peace of mind that all aspects of billing are handled by industry experts, allowing us to focus on one important thing, treating our patients. Thank you StrataPT team for all that you do for our practice and looking forward to continue our successful partnership.

Uniquely Personal

Your patients depend on your guidance, expertise and feedback to ensure their complete recovery.  They appreciate the personal interaction with you and know that they are receiving care from someone that truly understands their unique situation.  Shouldn’t you expect the same from your billing partner?  We think so.

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The StrataPT Team is available to answer your complex physical therapy billing questions and looks forward to exceeding your expectations in delivering an outstanding software experience with unmatched customer service in the industry.  Click the button below to schedule a demo with one of our team members today!

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