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We are dedicated to providing a wide range of practical, affordable and transparent solutions for our physical and occupational therapy practices. All of our solutions are backed by our 100% US-based customer service so your practice is always covered.

Your Goal: Increased Revenue

Our Solution: Industry-Leading Collections & Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle management service is guaranteed to increase your revenue. On average, practice owners experience at least a 15% increase due to the billing efficiency and results that our team delivers.

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Your Goal: Experience a Smooth Onboarding Process

Our Solution: An Easy Transition That Won’t Disrupt Your Revenue

The onboarding technology and personalized service our team provides will make your transition to StrataPT simple and seamless.

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Your Goal: Receive Personalized Customer Service

Our Solution: Prompt, Personalized & Professional Customer Service

Our team takes pride in the personalized and prompt communication that they provide. This is proven by our robust messaging platform and the 14 minute average response time that our customers love.

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Your Goal: Use an All-Inclusive System

Our Solution: One System to Manage Your Entire Practice

Our all-inclusive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy service and software provides practice owners with a total package to run a successful business.

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Your Goal: Spend Less Time Completing Documentation

Our Solution: Simple & Customizable Documentation That Saves You Time

We provide an efficient and fully customizable suite of clinical, patient intake and outcome measure templates to simplify your clinical workflow and save you time.

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Your Goal: Use More Modern Technology

Our Solution: Industry-Leading Technology That Provides Cutting-Edge Tools

The StrataEMR software platform is often described by practice owners and their staff as "easy-to-navigate", "clean" and "intuitive".

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Your Goal: Gain More Billing Transparency

Our Solution: The Most Transparent Revenue Cycle Management Service in the Industry

The Strata Clarity Panel provides you with a clear and real-time status update of every single billing charge for every single patient. We don’t believe in secrets. Especially when it comes to your revenue.

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Your Goal: Simple Pricing for Technology and RCM Services

Our Solution: Simple & Honest Pricing with No Add-On Fees

No hidden fees, no onboarding fees, no data import fees, no per-user fees, no training fees and no per facility fees. It’s that simple.

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Your Goal: Improve Workflow Efficiency

Our Solution: Workflow Efficiency That Will Change Your Life

Our unique combination of technology and service allows practice owners to achieve greater efficiency with less staff. We guarantee it.

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Your Goal: Expand Your Part-A Services Into Part-B

Our Solution: A Seamless Transition for Your Patients to Part-B Outpatient Care

If you are a clinic that is looking to start add Part-B services or if you are an established practice with a Part-A caseload, StrataPT can help you transition your patients into continued outpatient care. some or all of your business from traditional brick and mortar to a home visit practice. It is an excellent […]

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