How to Execute Quarterly Planning at your Clinic.


The State of Strata is a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re building this awesome company. We talk product updates, company goals, challenges we’re facing, industry updates and lots more!

On this episode of the State of Strata, Paul Singh (CEO @ Strata) and Thomas Schreiber (Director of Marketing @ Strata) dive into: 

1. A high-level overview of what happened at Strata in May 

2. How to execute Quarterly Planning 

3. Strata’s Q3 Goals for each department

Episode Highlights: “I like to get the leadership team to some sort of offsite if all the schedules work. In our case, we generally meet at the headquarters that we have down in Osprey, Florida. And I like to start it out with a narrative. So a couple days before everybody gets into town, I actually write a Google doc of my narrative of what I think went well and didn’t go well over the last quarter”

“What I like to do is the first half of the first day,I want it to be retrospective. And I really try to get everybody to talk about what went well, what didn’t go well. If I were to show you that Google doc of notes, it’s kind of uncomfortable because I try to really drag out all the good stuff that happened across the team and put it as bullet points. But I also really, really push hard to talk about everything that didn’t go well. Call it out, name names, do whatever you have to do. And it’s not about finger pointing, it’s about this idea that if you don’t really truly know what went well and didn’t go well, then it’s really hard to have an intellectually honest conversation for the rest of the meeting.”

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