The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Clinics Make.


Strata Shorts are quick conversations between Strata’s CEO, Paul Singh, and Director of Marketing, Thomas Schreiber. Episodes cover a wide variety of topics such as Healthcare billing, Growing a PT/OT Clinic, Entrepreneurship, and more!

On this episode of Strata Shorts, we dive into:

1. Insurance companies wrongfully denying claims

2. The biggest marketing mistakes clinics make

3. Why you should be wary of consultants in this industry

Episode Highlights: “If you’ve got an in-house billing team, They’re probably already stretched really thin, thinking about tomorrow’s patients, last week’s rejections, all that. It’s hard to actually step back and say, wait, is there a pattern here? In our case, because we’re tech enabled and we like to use a lot of technology all throughout the business. We can start to see interesting patterns – why did all these disparate claims from a lot of different medical practices get denied or rejected? And, oh, wait a second, that’s interesting. They’re coming from one payer or maybe even one clearinghouse. And more often than not, sometimes you’ll contact their support team privately and say, hey, somethings going on. And they don’t know. And that’s where it gets a little bit strange, because that’s not OK with your credit card. You can’t call your credit card or even a credit bureau and say, why did this get on my credit? Or why did that happen? Like, there’s laws against that. But it’s just not the same with this healthcare industry.”

“Let’s say you go download a government form, an IRS 1040, any document that a citizen would download from a government agency. Right there typically on the first page there’s a version number of what that document is and somewhere on that page it also says expected completion time because a long time ago for better or for worse lawmakers realized that you can’t you can’t unreasonably burden somebody. It’s one thing to ask them to fill out a form that might take ten minutes each time, it’s another thing to make them fill out a form that could potentially take three days four days five days. That that’s where we’re going to end up with this like payer-payee relationship in the long term. I think there’s going to be regulatory intervention at some point where we recognize at the government level that all of this stuff that started out as good intention has now turned into something that burdens the average medical practice that is just trying to do the right thing.”

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