Growing a PT practice from 1 to 7 clinics w/Justin Stiver from Total Therapy FL


Strata Stories are conversations between Strata’s CEO, Paul Singh, and leaders in the OT & PT world. We interview practice owners, therapists, consultants, and coaches disrupting healthcare to make a positive change!

On this episode of Strata Stories, we talk with Justin Stiver the owner of Total Therapy Florida. We dive into: 

1. How to market your clinic to future generations.
2. Tactics for developing incredible patient experiences.
3. Why you must get out of the trenches if you’re a clinic owner and ever want to sell your business.

Episode Highlight: “The average PT practice owner thinks that they’re a better physical therapist than every other physical therapist out there. And the funniest thing is they think that actually matters and they think that that’s the most important thing they have to offer.

And what I quickly realized… even before I was a physical therapist was that it’s not the physical therapist that matters. It’s the patient experience they receive when they come into clinic. And so when I started Total Therapy Florida, that was our number one thing that we were trying to dissect. And we tried to say, how can we make the patient experience great? And it can’t be tied to one person because you’re screwing yourself when you have a patient that needs to see you only. It’s not good for the business. And it’s a lie to the patient to make them think that they need you to get better. They don’t. They need guidance and they need a good patient experience that makes them leave feeling good and what they just received was valuable. If it is valuable, they’re gonna come back in.

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