State of Strata – How to build a great culture at your clinic.


The State of Strata is a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re building this awesome company. We talk product updates, company goals, challenges we’re facing, industry updates and lots more!

On this episode of the State of Strata, Paul Singh (CEO @ Strata) and Thomas Schreiber (Director of Marketing @ Strata) dive into: 

1. How to build a great culture at your clinic
2. Making sure everyone on your staff is completely aligned with your mission
3. And how to implement a sense of urgency into your clinic

Episode Highlight: It comes down to push versus pull. When people think about speed and getting things done, they immediately resort to push because the common understanding of leadership and management is about push, push these people, push, push. And it’s easy, relatively, because you can just say do this, do that. But what happens is, you then wake up and you’re like, why do I have to push everybody? Why is nobody else getting this? I hear this all a lot from other business owners. I’ll say, what’s the most frustrating part of your business? And they’ll say, oh, nobody understands. Nobody gets it as much as I do. And I know in my head right away, it’s because they’ve defaulted to a push method. On the flip side, there’s this pull concept. And pull is harder because pull is abstract. Pull requires more alignment. Pull requires you to get to know as many of the underlying things that make your team operate.

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