A Guide to Risk and Disaster Planning for OT & PT Clinics (Feat. Ben Galin)


On this episode of Strata Stories, we talk with Ben Galin PT and the owner of Evolution Rehab Group.

We dive into:
1. A deep dive into the Change Healthcare cyber attack
2. How StrataPT decided to move clinics to different clearing houses FAST
3. How you as a clinic owner need to think about risk moving forward including tactical steps to mitigating risk
4. The importance of having cash reserves

Episode Highlight: “At some point, you’ve got to be very honest with yourself about what could be fatal to your business. And it could be the Change Healthcares of the world. It could be the water pipe bursting. It could be a hurricane. Once a quarter or so, you should probably have a conversation with yourself. Maybe it’s a Google spreadsheet or something. It doesn’t have to look pretty. And it’s a disaster planning scenario and it’s everything that could possibly happen that could interrupt your day -to -day operations.”

Strata Stories are conversations between Strata’s CEO, Paul Singh, and leaders in the OT & PT world. We interview practice owners, therapists, consultants, and coaches disrupting healthcare to make a positive change!

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