Customer empathy in healthtech | Alex Svitnev (VP of customer success at Janus Health)


Alex Svitnev is the VP of customer success at Janus Health. Janus Health is changing the way the healthcare revenue cycle functions. Billions of dollars are left uncollected due to poor processes and inconsistent human decision making. Janus studies end-user behavior within the revenue cycle and determines the optimal path for each process. Real-time predictive recommendations are made to human workers to guide them on the next best action to perform with every claim. Janus also automates steps in a process or end-to-end workflows using a proprietary platform that is highly scalable and modular. Managers and executives receive actionable insights into people, productivity and processes, allowing them to optimally allocate and manage resources.

In this episode, Alex talks about:

-Why customer success is crucial
-Why product managers need to spend time with their customers
-Market penetration strategies
-The importance of collaborating and sharing knowledge

Episode Highlight: “I feel like you should really have like that dedicated and like passionate approach for your customers like all the way through right like at the beginning identify the right like make sure that the problems that they’re experiencing are aligned well to your product right and then make sure that your products are solving the right issues for them and then afterwards make sure that you’re like listening to them right because to the living and breathing point customer success I think can be like the conduit into product of like hey we have these customers they’ve been alive for a year here the additional things they would like to see right we’re seeing this trend across all of our customers so I really do feel like it’s important to you know like really keep that ear to the ground and to your point it is like it’s like the bread on the sandwich right.”

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