Are You Getting Workers Compensation Claims Paid in 10-15 Days?

Author: Paul Singh
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If you accept any type of workers compensation insurance, you understand the labor-intensive burden it can place on your practice. It’s pretty fair to say that the administrative costs involved with workers compensation claims place a huge dent in the already low reimbursement. If you are performing your billing in-house, I would say that you or your biller print your workers compensation claims weekly, spend a fair amount of time printing and matching the accompanying medical records and then spend even more time stuffing and addressing the mailing envelope before heading to the post office. However, the wait doesn’t end at that point. The claims are then sent to the payer via snail mail, only to sit and wait to be scanned in to the payer’s internal system. Finally, once processed, they remit payment 60-90 days later. Without a doubt, the administrative cost involved in workers compensation claims and the delay in payment all impact your bottom line.

At StrataPT, we refused to accept this as efficient. We refused to let our providers wait that long for payment. We knew there had to be a better way.

What if I told you that you could complete your daily note today and the workers compensation claim with accompanying note would be on file with the payer tomorrow?

No printing, no matching notes to claims, no waiting in line at the post office. You simply save your note and find comfort knowing that absolutely no additional steps are required on your end. The team at StrataPT has built the most efficient billing platform in the industry backed by superior customer service to ensure that your workers compensation claims and notes get to the payer the very next day.

Even better, how about if I told you that payment for your services would be delivered to you within 10-15 days?

By combining the expertise of physical therapy billing specialists with industry leading technology experts, we can confidently state that our provider’s workers compensation claims are being paid faster than 99.9% of their peers.

As spoken by our owner Kim Peacock in this video, StrataPT pours a ton of resources and energy into constantly ensuring that our clients are provided the best service and product on the market. We refuse to be mediocre and we refuse to accept the industry norms.

Our atypical billing operations and innovative technology has led StrataPT to become an industry leader in the ever-changing world of physical therapy billing. If you feel that your current billing company may not be providing you with every means available to get
you paid quicker and collect every single dollar owed to you, we would love to chat and see how we can help. I encourage you to check out some of our reviews to see how we have helped other practices around the entire country.

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