How to Stay Organized When Running Your Business

Author: Paul Singh
Categories:  Helpful Resources

Running a business is an arduous task that needs a high level of organization. One must manage their time, schedule tasks appropriately, and prioritize wisely. A business has many operations, so it requires an individual who is flexible, highly adaptable, and can multitask. Lacking organizational skills can make it difficult to successfully carry out these different tasks. Many businesses fail because the managers find it challenging to organize their activities and handle all the functions involved. This article is a guide on the different ways that one can stay organized to improve their business.


One should begin by organizing their work area and eliminating unnecessary items. A cluttered work environment makes it challenging to be productive. The desk should always be free of things not used regularly, such as old pens, books, and computer disks. These items often fill the desk, making it difficult to work and access valuable supplies. The necessary things on the desk include a computer, keyboard, writing pens, and a notepad. The items that are not regularly in use can be placed in drawers, trays, and file sorters, easily accessible but do not clutter the desktop. These storage areas should be well organized and should not contain any unnecessary items. Multifunctional office equipment can also reduce the number of items in the room. 

In addition to the physical workspace, digital platforms also need to be organized and decluttered.. Digital platforms can make work easier when running a business, but, if they are cluttered with unnecessary content, they can slow down the workflow. For example, old files that are outdated or unused should be regularly deleted from the business’ cloud storage platform.These files reduce the storage space and prevent you from storing or accessing the important ones. Old or unnecessary emails also take up space and can make it challenging to find the important emails. Decluttering makes the workplace more welcoming and increases one’s morale.


With the continued improvement in technology over the years, people can now automate many daily office tasks. Many technologies are available for automating simple tasks that are common in all businesses. For example, some chatbots help in automating customer service. These bots make customer interactions easy by communicating with them when necessary. They answer frequently asked questions and inform the customers of the products and services provided by the business. These bots also collect customer feedback that can help in improving the business. It is easy for every business to design a chatbot using online services such as Sequel and Chatfuel.

In addition to customer service, you can also automate administrative tasks such as creating schedules, setting up meetings, and sending essential updates. Automation can help reduce your workload and allow you to  focus on other, more critical tasks. It also makes work more efficient by eliminating the risk of human error.

Creating a to-do list

Business owners have to deal with very many tasks every day. It is essential to write down these tasks before the beginning of the day to ensure that they are handled appropriately. Writing down the tasks helps in prioritization. It enables the user to group the related functions that can be achieved together. Be sure to mark off each item in the to-do list throughout the day.

The business owner completes each necessary task based on its priority level by the end of the day. Having a to-do list keeps one organized and focused throughout the day. Lacking a to-do list can lead to low productivity due to a lack of focus on the essential tasks.

Improve on time management

Time management is one of the most essential skills to have when running a business. One should use their time wisely and ensure to complete every task within the required time. Many business owners struggle with multitudes of studies to handle because they have not mastered time management. They find it challenging to complete their tasks on time, leading to low productivity.

Mastering time management enables a business owner to stay organized by having enough time to complete each task. It allows them to have more time to focus on the most important issues. You can improve your time management skills by taking care of simple tasks before getting to the workplace. Mundane tasks such as clearing unimportant emails or researching the activity to handle during the day can save time by reducing the workload.

You can also improve time management by having software that tracks time. These applications are installed on phone or computers to inform the user of the time spent on each task. A common time management application is Harvest which shows the time spent on different business operations. In addition, automation helps in time management by reducing the workload. It lets the computer handle simple tasks while the employer or employee focuses on the more important ones. 

Cloud integration

With the increased technology adoption in business management, many business operations now take place in cloud environments. Business owners use cloud computing to reduce costs of operation and increase productivity. With many cloud platforms for different operations, cloud integration can make it easier to handle various tasks.

Cloud integration involves placing multiple cloud environments in one forum for easy access. Businesses benefit greatly from combining various operations and managing them in a single platform. Integration gives the business better control over its data and processes. One can view all the functions and improve the critical areas to increase productivity. Cloud integration also makes it easier to share and save business data within the organization. It keeps the data organized to avoid spending time looking for different sets of data from multiple platforms.

Unifying data is the best way to stay organized when dealing with the multitude of tasks found in a business. There are currently many different software solutions that have been developed over the years for cloud integration. A company can also develop its cloud integration platform that is customized based on its daily operations.

Have a calendar

There are lots of tasks involved in running a business, so be sure to plan your schedule carefully to handle each of these tasks. Keeping a calendar is one of the most effective ways of staying organized. One should set a date for each vital task, such as a meeting or event. The calendar guides the user on how to handle the other events that develop over time. It helps plan time and activities around the dates set in the calendar. Juggling different appointments in one’s mind can mix up the dates and cause important events to be forgotten.

A business manager should always be aware of the important events they should handle every day and stick to these dates. Keeping a calendar allows the individual to focus on their everyday tasks in the business while still preparing for future events.

Set a budget

The success of a business relies significantly on how one handles the finances. This area is often challenging for many business owners and managers. Many prefer to operate without a set budget. Failure to manage the finances appropriately makes it challenging to run the business. You should organize the finances in each operation to avoid misusing funds. Setting a budget and sticking to it ensures organization by managing expenses and following a plan. It also helps you prepare for emergencies by saving and not spending all the finances.

Budgeting gives the business a robust financial footing and ensures that every operation runs smoothly. It always helps in projecting the income and any future expenses. Business owners use budgets in decision-making, thus ensuring that they have a guideline on using the company’s finances. Those who lack a budget lack organization and often make losses or fail to meet their targets. They cannot project the income and fail to plan for unexpected occurrences that can be costly. Managing business finances appropriately leads to faster growth and reduces the risk of unforeseen challenges.

One can use software such as FreshBooks to manage their finances and keep their expenses organized. It is best to have cloud software that is easily accessible from anywhere. One can change the data on the software based on how the changes in the business operations. The software also helps in predicting future expenses based on past records.

Master project management

Project management is an essential aspect of running a business. Even if your business is small, there comes a time when multiple people will be handling the same project. A good project manager is highly organized to ensure each part of the project is handled appropriately. They set milestones to guide them in completing the project. The milestones show the schedule that one should follow to ensure success in the project.

Project managers delegate tasks to others and lead them to achieve the project’s goal. Good project managers are also great communicators who share information appropriately and listen to other people’s opinions. One is more organized when running a business by being good in project management. There is project management software, such as Basecamp and Yalla, that can help one in improving their project management skills.

Taking breaks

The many tasks involved in running a business can lead to exhaustion, making it difficult to be organized or productive. Be sure to set aside a few hours for productivity breaks during the day. These breaks help a person recharge and recover from stress. They restore concentration and energy, leading to better results in the workplace. An exhausted person is not usually organized because they lack the energy to keep things in order. 

Business owners often find themselves working throughout the day with the hopes of making maximum profits. However, tired people are often uninspired and lack morale. One can think of creative new ideas when they take breaks. These ideas help in improving the business and achieving the company’s goals. Business managers need to know that exhausting themselves in the workplace does not equal huge profits. Having a clear mind, high energy, and staying motivated are the best ways to achieve their business goals.

These are some ways that a business can stay organized. However, different methods work for different companies, and you should choose the courses that best fit your business. There is no right way of keeping a business organized, but these tips can guide one in increasing productivity in the workplace.