Key Tips on Preparing to Sell Your Clinic (Feat. Amit Gaglani)


On this episode of Strata Stories, we talk with Amit Gaglani founder of AG Management Consulting  

We dive into:
1. Creating an exit strategy for your PT clinic
2. Understanding the microeconomics of your market
3. Crafting the perfect buyer avatar
4. The importance of marketing yourself to buyers

Amit brings over two decades of healthcare expertise, combining clinical practice as a licensed physical therapist and orthopedic specialist with a flair for entrepreneurship and investment. Launching Arrow Physical Therapy in 2004, he expanded it into a major player in northern New Jersey, stepping up as its CEO in 2012 to drive significant revenue growth. His leadership further catalyzed the establishment of Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, scaling it to 100 offices across 15 states.

As National Director of Payor Relations, Amit significantly boosted reimbursement rates, contributing to the firm’s lucrative acquisition in 2021. Beyond his business acumen, Amit is celebrated for his patient-centered approach, earning multiple accolades and regularly sharing his expertise on health and wellness.  He currently consults and coaches practices of different sizes with a focus on creating the practice that fulfils the owners dreams

Episode Highlight: “If you say, “I think next month I want to sell my practice because I’m tired of X, Y, and Z”, then you’re not going to get the biggest bang for your buck. So I started two years before and started putting systems in my practice, which I already had a lot of systems, but I started cutting out certain costs. I started outsourcing certain things to realize that, “hey, I want to get the highest EBITDA possible.”

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