Mergers and acquisitions complexities in health tech | Brian Greenberg (CEO at Greenberg Advisors, LLC)


Brian Greenberg is CEO at Greenberg Advisors, LLC. Greenberg Advisors, LLC provides trusted M&A and strategic advice within the financial services and business services sectors worldwide.

They are best known for their expertise in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Healthcare IT (HCIT), Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Focused on these sectors for over 25 years, the firm’s professionals offer a comprehensive, yet highly specialized perspective from which to advise clients, resulting in the completion of over 150 M&A, valuation, and strategic planning engagements.

These client successes reflect Greenberg’s distinct client-first approach, deep sector expertise, objective point of view, and work ethic. As one of the most proven and active advisory firms in these sectors, we represent public and privately held companies, institutional investors, Fortune 500 firms, family-owned businesses, and senior executives.

In this episode, Brian talks about:

– Differences between the sell and the buy side in M&A
– Common pitfalls in M&A
– How they manage hype cycles 
– Health tech trends

Episode Highlight: “It’s certainly there’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure. And, you know, we think one side informs the other. So if we work on the sell side, and we’re representing our client, who is a seller, and buyers come at us with questions and a certain approach and a certain way of
And so it just makes us better for those clients. And they’re, you know, the reverse is also true.”

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