Pick One – More Revenue or More Time with Your Family

Author: Paul Singh
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But what if you didn’t have to pick? As a business owner and a mom to two very young children, I understand the struggle of wanting to build a business yet still be a very present parent. My entrepreneurial side yearns to grind it out, generate jobs around the country, and provide a phenomenal product with top notch customer service for our clients. However, my mom side yearns to be there for my children’s firsts, to take them to the park on a Tuesday afternoon, and to be there to kiss their scraped knees.

When I started StrataPT, I was freshly married and didn’t have children yet.  I invested every waking second to the business.  Literally… nights, days, weekends.  It was my baby.  It will always be my baby.  However, after becoming a mom, I quickly realized that I couldn’t keep up that pace and something had to give.  Good ole grit would only get me so far.  My focus became ensuring that I surrounded myself with the best of the best.  I needed the best leadership team, I needed the best software engineers, I needed the best medical billers, I needed the best vendors, I needed the best systems.  I needed processes to be as efficient as possible to allow that extra time for me to be present and available to my family. That is exactly what I did.  I didn’t settle.  I didn’t accept mediocre.  I pushed and I pushed to ensure that every aspect of my business had the strongest of the strongest. I took that same mentality a step further and poured every ounce of energy into making sure my team understood my vision of providing a software and billing service for our clients that would allow them the same feeling of being surrounded by the best.

When I was working in the outpatient physical therapy setting, it was not uncommon for the therapists to treat patients all day and then stay several hours later to catch up on notes or follow up on billing issues.  I was determined to build a team and software that would alleviate them from this hardship.  I wanted to give them the means to not feel like a slave to their business.  I knew by providing them with the best tools and an extremely strong back end billing team, I could not only give them more time to spend with their families, but in return also ensure them that every single dollar owed to them was collected on thus increasing their revenue.

So if you think that being a business owner means you have to decide between family time and additional income, you just haven’t aligned yourself with the right people.  Do not accept mediocre.  I’ll be the first to tell you that making changes can be scary but you will never grow and gain the independence you seek by allowing yourself to settle.  I’m speaking from a genuine place when I share that nothing brings me more joy (well, besides my children) than when we help a business owner at the brink of exhaustion or the brink of bankruptcy and guide them into becoming a profitable business owner who is able to catch every precious moment with their family.

So back to my original question – More revenue OR more time with your family?  You don’t have to choose.  By choosing StrataPT, I assure you, you will get both.

If you are on the fence and feel your business could use a hand, I’m extending mine.  We can help, I promise.


Kim Peacock, CEO – StrataPT

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