Fighting Inflation as a PT/OT Clinic Owner.

Author: Paul Singh

The State of Strata is a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re building this awesome company. We talk product updates, company goals, challenges we’re facing, industry updates and lots more!

On the first episode of The State of Strata, Paul Singh (CEO @ Strata) and Thomas Schreiber (Director of Marketing @ Strata) dive into: 

1. The state of healthcare billing
2. What Strata has been up to the last 12 months and 
3. Paul’s top 3 priorities heading into the next quarter 
4. What percentage of your money should stay unpaid for more than 90 days 

Episode Highlight: “Anybody listening to this in the space will know who the big consultants are.

And if you dig around a lot of their website, one of the things they’ll say is it’s okay to have 18 to 22% of your accounts receivable longer than 90 days, meaning it’s okay to have 20% of your money unpaid for 90 days.

Can you imagine like if I said to you Thomas, listen, 80% of your paychecks are going to be on time. The other 20%, by the way, I’ll get to them within 100 days or so.

We don’t accept that on the employment side of things. Federally, you can’t do that.

Just using industry parallels here, try not paying your credit card bill for 90 days. Let me know how many calls you get.” 🤣

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