Strata EMR – The only Physical and Occupational Therapy EMR built to get you paid! (DEMO)

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Strata is a single EMR platform & Revenue Cycle Management Service for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy practices that helps you achieve a 99.99% reimbursement rate.

On this episode of Strata Demos, we dive into:

1. Dashboard
2. Reporting Tools
3. Patient Info
4. Pricing and more!

0:00 Introduction
1:10 How the EMR works?
2:14 Practice Dashboard
3:07 The Clarity Panel
3:55 Medicare Eligibility
4:54 Authorizations
5:36 Multiple Clinic Locations
5:59 Paper vs Electronic Claims
6:47 Signature Mode
8:22 Reporting
9:16 Pricing for Strata EMR & RCM
10:54 Full Billing Service
11:38 Onboarding

“Strata EMR has been built around facilitating that clean claim process to make sure we’re driving a very high collection rate, but also making sure that practice owners aren’t having to use multiple systems to do their scheduling, documentation, and patient engagement.” – Adam Peacock CRO, StrataPT

If you’d like to learn more about Strata EMR & RCM and achieving a 99.99% reimbursement rate for your PT, OT or SLP Clinic, book a demo here!