StrataPT and TherapySync Technology Collaboration Delivers New Opportunities for Rehab Companies

Author: Paul Singh
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Osprey, FL – July 15, 2020 – StrataPT LLC, a Florida company and industry leader in Part-B therapy management services, announces their technology collaboration with TherapySync, a full-service therapy software provider specializing in Part-A therapy services. This technology collaboration was established to provide rehab companies with an opportunity to expand their patient reach and provide greater continuity of care to patients who would benefit from receiving rehab services under both their Part-A and Part-B benefits.

“Our technology collaboration with StrataPT provides an extremely seamless way for our providers to refer patients to Part-B therapy services,” said Summer McDonald, OTR/L, CSO, Chief Strategic Officer at TherapySync.

StrataPT is an industry leader in providing a full suite of Part-B revenue cycle management services for outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy providers. “We have always been committed to providing outpatient Part-B providers with the most robust technology and revenue cycle management solutions available. We are excited to collaborate with TherapySync to help rehab companies offer even greater patient continuity and expand their patient reach,” said Kim Peacock, CEO and founder of StrataPT.

“It has been a game changer for rehab companies who are looking to expand their business by offering Part-B therapy services, but have feared all of the Part-B billing and operations that come along with entering the Part-B market. It’s exciting to connect our providers with StrataPT, who is able to eliminate these fears and allow them to focus on treating patients and growing their business,” said Summer McDonald, OTR/L, CSO.

Kim and Adam Peacock founded Strata PT in 2010 after recognizing a growing need for physical, occupational and speech therapists to partner with a trustworthy company that would offer a true all-inclusive software solution coupled with a completely transparent revenue cycle management service. Last year, StrataPT was named one of Florida’s Companies to Watch by GrowFL.

Rodney Morgan, a physical therapist passionate about his industry, formed TherapySync in 2005 to assist other therapists in the complicated areas of managing referrals, certifications, notes, compliance and paperwork.

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