The Most Important Part of Starting a PT Clinic (Feat. Michael Silva)


On this episode of Strata Stories, we talk with Michael Silva who is a PT and Business Coach/Consultant

We dive into:
1. Why Niching Down is A Golden Ticket to Growing a Practice
2. How to partner with CrossFit gyms, running clubs, and other parts of your local community
3. And How Michael motivated his staff by developing programs around their passions

Episode Highlight: “The runner was my avatar, but niching down into the runner didn’t limit my business. We had people from all over New England that came to us because we were the place that runners went. But what happened is people that aren’t really runners knew we were treating, you know, that clientele. They’re a cross fitter. They run during crossfit and they want to motivated sports medicine minded healthy like environment so then they came. Then we started working with a local ballet studio because we were working with athletes and ballet dancers are frigging athletes, man. They are so in shape. So we started working with ballet dancers. So niching down allowed me to grow the business and we constantly kept that avatar in mind. And we literally had the best clients in the world.”

Strata Stories are conversations between Strata’s CEO, Paul Singh, and leaders in the OT & PT world. We interview practice owners, therapists, consultants, and coaches disrupting healthcare to make a positive change!

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