The perfect content strategy for Physical Therapy Clinics (Feat. Justin Stiver)


On this episode of Strata Stories, we talk with Justin Stiver the owner of Total Therapy Florida. We dive into: 

1. Justin’s exact content strategy for his PT clinics
2. And how to re-engage past patients (COPY THIS TACTIC!) 

Strata Stories are conversations between Strata’s CEO, Paul Singh, and leaders in the OT & PT world. We interview practice owners, therapists, consultants, and coaches disrupting healthcare to make a positive change!

Episode Highlight: “I put into place a policy in the off season when we’re kind of slow to have our director pick up the phone and start calling the patients that did an eval from this time last year up until last month. We made about about a hundred phone calls and I checked in with him and said, hey, how’s it going, and he said, it’s going all right, you know, not a lot of people answer. I was gonna ask you this, but did you want me to leave a voicemail? And I was like dude. You are freaking killing me right now. So I said yes. I said the point of these is not for me to just give you busy work but to re-engage. Pick up the phone and check up on them and if they don’t answer, leave a message. Say that you really would like them to call you back so that you can get an update on how they’re doing. So he had made 100 phone calls, not one console, which is kind of how we were measuring the success of these. I said, get them in for a free console for either a free laser or a free PT console. Tell them you want them to come in. Over the next 100 calls he made we got 12 consoles out of it.”

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