Tired of Administrative Tasks Slipping Through the Cracks?

Author: Paul Singh
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We get it! In the outpatient physical therapy industry, there are so many things to keep track of. With each insurance payer intentionally developing different rules and regulations, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the ever-changing tactics that they throw at you in an attempt to deny claims.

How would you answer the following?

1.) How does your office currently keep track of whether a plan of care has been sent out to a referring physician? Do you rely on your administration to remember to print it out after completion and send it to the referring MD?

2.) How do you keep track of whether the signed plan of care has been returned? Are you keeping a fax log and then have your administration work through charts weekly to see if they have returned it?

3.) How do you keep track of whether a patient has fallen off your schedule? Does your front desk staff go patient by patient week after week to ensure that you are not losing patient visits?

4.) How do you currently collect copays? Do you rely on your administration to remember?

5.) How do you keep track of Plan of Care expiration dates? Do you manually track this on a calendar? Or do you track it all?

6.) How do you keep track of authorizations?

While these are just a handful of the tasks that have to be done consistently in order to keep a compliant and successful practice, it doesn’t have to be painful and inefficient. What if you used a system that didn’t rely on your administration to “remember” and instead –

1.) Prompted you at the completion of an evaluation to immediately hit a button that electronically faxed the plan of care directly to the referring physician.

2.) Kept track of whether a plan of care has been returned from the referring physician and if it wasn’t returned in a timely manner, then it sent you a notification to remind you to follow up on that missing plan of care.

3.) Kept track of what active patients are not on your schedule in the next 30 days and sent a notification to ensure that they were contacted.

4.) Prompted your administration of the amount to be collected at each visit.

5.) Automatically calculated the plan of care expiration date when you complete your initial evaluation and then reminded prior to the expiration.

6.) Reminded you when authorization was close to running out whether it be a visit count or a date range.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Things don’t have to slip through the cracks. We’ve been there and worked in outpatient physical therapy industry first hand. We understand that without the help of technology, it can be a very labor-intensive process to keep track of it all. This is an extremely short list of the items that StrataPT can assist your practice with on a daily basis to be as efficient and profitable as possible while allowing you to focus on patient care.

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