Executive Leadership in Healthcare


Ever Considered Exploring Executive Leadership in Healthcare as Part of Your Career?

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn about what people wanted to hear more about on the podcast. Business & Entrepreneurship/Career in Healthcare took the win the a large margin.

So, I figured I’d begin including topics around career advancement, entrepreneurship, business leadership, maybe even healthcare operations & organizational management on more episodes. So, this week, I’m starting by sharing my experience going through the CEO recruiting, interview, and selection process for one of the boards I sit on. During dinner with the search consultant our board hired, they mentioned a quote in passing that stuck with me for the next several days.

I asked what that executive search consultant saw in candidates that made them think that the candidate would be successful as a leader. The search consultant said, almost in passing, “Well, the quest of management is to make better what cannot be made perfect.” I walked away from that conversation with a few insights and thoughts based on that quote. 

What we cover in this Episode:
– The importance of strategically selecting healthcare leadership & executives
– Challenges involving hiring & firing healthcare leaders & and executives
– Tailoring your messaging to the stage in the hiring (buying) cycle 
– How the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process mimics healthcare sales
– Why peaking your mind and saying what you’re thinking improves your chances in a competitive hiring process
– A little bit about my history and work as a positioning strategist & healthcare consultant 
– Achieving Better Outcomes by building leadership skills & a strong leadership philosophy 

Episode Highlight: “The Quest of Management is to Make Better What Can’t Be Made Perfect.”

The Better Outcomes show is a Strata Studios podcast that explores the possibilities of a new healthcare system. Guests range from clinicians trying new techniques and treatments to executives and entrepreneurs exploring new service delivery methods, business models, and organizational structures.
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