129: Going Direct to Employer for MSK Management


How can clinicians leverage technology and insights to go Direct to Employer and MSK Management in their practice?

It’s no secret that healthcare organizations have been facing downward pricing pressure for years. Part of this comes from the fact that, in a fee for service model for reimbursement, the easiest lever for payers to pull when it comes to reducing the cost of healthcare is the price.

Payers, in an attempt to control costs, resort to either limiting service coverage or paying providers less. As a result, many healthcare provider organizations have shifted from insurance-based models of care to direct to payer or direct to consumer business models, including cash-based practice and direct to employer and MSK management. They do this because they can bypass the low fee schedules of the insurance companies.

The problem is that, at the end of the day, they’re still stuck in the fee for service model of healthcare, which, as I describe in my book, incentivizes high volume, minimally acceptable quality care. That’s where leveraging technology, data, and clinical content comes into play. Incorporating those into practice allows clinic owners and practices to tap into more value-based reimbursement and contracting.

So, this week, I sit down with Zach Walston, PT, DPT from Second Door Health. (https://rehabupracticesolutions.com/better-outcomes-129) Zach was a guest on the podcast in the past, and now he’s the head of clinical content and clinical strategy at Second Door Health.

What we cover in this Episode:

-The challenges of a fee for service healthcare model of reimbursement
-Going direct to consumer in healthcare private practice
-Using content and knowledge translation to increase patient engagement
-The value proposition in a direct to employer model of MSK management
-Leveraging technology to streamline workflows, increase patient engagement, and create a positive return on investment for payers
-Achieving Better Outcomes by building a platform to enable clinicians to go direct to employer for MSK management

Episode Highlight: “Digital-Only MSK platforms have a utilization rate of around 2%. That leaves a huge opportunity for innovative private practices to capitalize on direct-to-employer contracting.”

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