AI Doctor The Rise of AI in Healthcare with Dr. Ron Razmi

This week, I sit down with Ron Razmi, MD to discuss his new book AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. Dr. Razmi shares his insights generated from his time in a healthcare tech startup, consulting for McKinsey, and thoughts around building, selling, and investing in healthcare technology.

What we cover in this Episode:

-Dr. Ron’s experience working in healthcare as a clinician and on large consulting projects 
-What Artificial Intelligence really is and how it can be used or deployed
-Challenges and barriers to adoption of healthcare technology in provider organizations
-The importance of understanding the healthcare tech buyer’s business model
-Understanding how data is critical in training algorithms and developing software
-Crafting an effective value proposition and positioning strategy for a healthcare technology solution
-Achieving Better Outcomes by aligning all stakeholders involved in the implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Episode Highlight: “Artificial Intelligence won’t work in healthcare until investors & builders align the tools and solutions with the end user’s business model. You need to create real value and benefit NOW, not some idealistic vision of what could be in a decade.”

The Better Outcomes show is a Strata Studios podcast that explores the possibilities of a new healthcare system. Guests range from clinicians trying new techniques and treatments to executives and entrepreneurs exploring new service delivery methods, business models, and organizational structures.

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