Building a culture of innovation led by clinicians | Andrew Lundquist (Chief Medical Officer at Mankato Clinic)


Andrew Lundquist is the Chief Medical Officer of The Mankato Clinic. The Mankato Clinic is locally owned by physicians who are committed to the health of this region. They offer primary and specialty care with more than 175 providers and nearly 700 employees located across 11 sites in 4 communities, including Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter, and Mapleton.

We value each and every member of our staff, empower employees to make decisions and promote honest and open communication. Patients are at the heart of all we do at the Mankato Clinic. They respect our patients and each other. And we work together as a team to provide compassionate, high quality care and an awesome patient experience. They believe diversity builds a stronger community where all people can thrive. Mankato Clinic promotes an inclusive environment where people feel they belong.

In this episode, Andrew talks about:

– How to set up a culture of innovation
– What hurdles clinicians face day to day
– How he evaluates startups
– AI in healthcare

Episode Highlight: “That extra 30 seconds with a patient, If you can turn on a tool that’s documenting and you have all of your documentation done. Because as a clinician you know this as you’re stacked up you’re halfway through your morning you have you know three patients you still have to document on that you’ve already seen you got a few people that you’re worried about coming up, and I found myself not completely present with every patient. And that’s a problem as a clinician and so now with a with Nabla with an AI documentation tool I can sit there and I can know that what’s going on is documented.”

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