Does Your EMR Require a Chainsaw?

Author: Paul Singh

Have you ever used a software platform day in and day out and envisioned an enhancement or innovative feature that would streamline your operations and save you a lot of time?  It could be something as simple as changing the placement of a button location or creating a customized report that would provide you with a higher level of financial and operational clarity. Many physical therapy billing and EMR companies have means in which feature requests can be suggested.  Some use a community message board, while others ask you to send an email to an address that is so generic you wonder if it has even been received.  Then you have others that well…simply just don’t want to hear your request at all.

Depending on the size of the billing and EMR software company, there are often many layers of management, a team of investors, and various departments of decision makers.  Typically, they all have to put their stamp of approval on these feature requests to some degree – no matter the size or the urgency. This is what we refer to as “Red Tape.” Some call it lollygagging while others call it foot-dragging, but ultimately, it’s a delay in taking action. In the business world, we all know a delay in action can be the difference between success and failure.

At StrataPT, we refuse to operate in that manner.  Our clients not only love that we welcome any feedback that they believe will simplify their daily workflow but they really love when they see their suggestions actually get implemented. It’s simple. We cut out all the bureaucracy.  We don’t believe in 11 levels of management to make decisions that we know will deliver a higher level of efficiency and profitability to our client’s business.  We understand that our clients are the ones in the trenches using the platform each and every day and we value their opinions and feedback.

“Not only is this EMR extremely user-friendly and compliant, but the customer service is top notch. Previously I would wait days if not weeks for a response to a question; now I get immediate (and I mean immediate!) feedback. We have an actual account manager who helps us troubleshoot specific issues unique to our practice, and even involves the tech team to create solutions to EMR challenges we have that help our therapists document in the most clinically sound and time-effective manner possible.”

-Laurie Sentman, PTA, CEO, Balance Rehabilitation LLC

If you are currently using a product that feels dated and you are working with a company that isn’t making enhancements to their product or doesn’t take any feature requests you make into consideration, we would love to chat.  It shouldn’t take a chainsaw… but rather just a simple phone call to the welcoming and open-minded development team at StrataPT that is ready to help your practice.