StrataPT: Our People are the Difference

Author: Paul Singh

Strata PT Team Member Renee
“StrataPT is unlike any company that I have ever worked for in the past. They truly value me as an employee and always have my best interest in mind.”
– Renee, Accounts Receivable Specialist, FL, StrataPT

Our people are the heart and soul of StrataPT. Our employees consistently display a true passion to serve our clients and their dedication and commitment in doing the best work possible consistently pushes us to new heights. We have built a US-based company on the foundation of prompt and reliable customer service. We’re always here for you when you need it.

Today, we celebrate our hard-working employees that pride themselves on creating an unparalleled level of support and transparency.

Strata PT Team Member Faye
”StrataPT is a family orientated business and they are always here for their clients & employees. Clients are always able to reach StrataPT and communicate with a live person with any questions they may have regarding their patients or their clinic. StrataPT keeps their system updated whether it be for billing or clinical purposes, so that it will take a lot of stress from the clients and they can focus on treating their patients.”
– Faye, Accounts Receivable Specialist, FL, StrataPT
Strata PT Team Member Eric
“I love sharing with clinic owners that there IS a better and easier way to get things done! So many people I talk with have no idea it doesn’t have to be so hard. Giving them new hope for their business and their lives back is the absolute best part of my job!”
Eric, VP of Business Development, FL, StrataPT

Started in 2010, StrataPT enters its second decade with many of the same employees when we began. This stable environment creates consistency and familiarity with our clients. Our employees can often predict the needs of our clients by getting to know them and truly listening to their comments and ideas. This exchange also allows StrataPT to grow and evolve as a company. That couldn’t happen if we didn’t have a committed staff that really cared about our clients’ long-term goals.

Strata PT Team Member Ashley
“My goal each day is to assist our providers and their patients with any questions or concerns that may arise. It’s important to me that I can promptly and correctly provide them with the necessary answers and details so they can continue forward with focusing on their business and providing treatment to their patients.”
– Ashley, Account Manager, FL, StrataPT
Strata PT Team Member Kierstin
“StrataPT is different from other companies because we are always working to do better. It’s easy to do the minimum required and the job still gets done but that isn’t how StrataPT works. Everyone is constantly working to do better and improve the experience.”
– Kiersten, Payment Application Specialist, FL, StrataPT

From the onset, we envisioned StrataPT as a different kind of company than what was typical in the industry. Customer service is often a neglected aspect of many businesses however we built our entire company around superior service. Because of this we have the highest accounts receivable collection rates in the industry.

Strata PT Team Member Susan
“StrataPT is different because we treat each provider as if we work personally for them in their office and we have a vested interest in every aspect of the practice.“
– Susan, Accounts Receivable Specialist, FL, StrataPT
Strata PT Team Member Mary
“What makes StrataPT different from any other company is clearly they are a company with a BIG HEART. We put our heart in everything we do! We wear our hearts on our sleeve so that everyone that comes in contact with StrataPT believes they are part of a family!”
– Mary, Accounts Receivable Specialist, FL, StrataPT

Regardless of our client’s practice size, they receive a dedicated account manager that cares about their practice’s success. We guarantee that the level of service and financial growth opportunity that StrataPT provides is unlike any other revenue cycle management solution available in the marketplace.

Strata PT Team Member Sammi
“I think what makes StrataPT different is that #1 is Kim & Adam, they genuinely care about their employees and make us feel valuable. That is so unheard of a lot of companies who view their employees as expendable. The wonderful group of people that work for StrataPT genuinely care about each and every client we service.”
– Sammi, Accounts Receivable Specialist, FL, StrataPT
Strata PT Team Member Tamara
“Strata is different because they truly care about their employees and clients. StrataPT makes every effort to ensure clients receive every dime entitled to them from the insurance companies. They go above and beyond in every way that counts.”
Tamara, Accounts Receivable Manager, AL, StrataPT

StrataPT is proud to be a 2019 Florida Companies to Watch Awardee. We owe it all to our hardworking employees, many of who have worked at a high level in our industry before joining us. In addition to the passion they bring, they also contribute the knowledge and experience they’ve accumulated over the years. Everyone at StrataPT is encouraged to share their ideas and expertise with the team. Together, we continue to create solutions for our clients in ways they never could imagine.

We are grateful for our outstanding employees as well as our loyal clients. Together, we will continue to grow and share in each other’s success and accomplishments.

Strata PT Team Member Martha
“Anytime we need help, everyone that we have spoken to has been literally a phone call or a message away. And we get a return call or a return response within 14-15 minutes or even faster at times. That’s been something that’s very comforting for us when you’re running a business and you have a patient in front of you who needs an answer. We’re able to reach out to StrataPT and get that answer right away. My level of trust with StrataPT right now is 100%. This has been the best decision I have made into our Physical Therapy business.”
Martha, Operations Director, Co-owner, Alpha Rehab
Strata PT Team Member Allie
“StrataPT is a wonderful EMR billing service. They have always provided us with so much help whenever we have questions. Their effort doesn’t go unnoticed and is great appreciated. Our account manager is always on top of things and wonderful at her job! We highly recommend StrataPT.”
-Allie, Clinical Coordinator, Counterbalance, Inc.