The Best Way To Monetize Your Expertise as a Therapist (Feat. Rafael Salazar)


On this episode of Strata Stories, we talk with Rafael Salazar the owner & CEO of ProActive Rehab & Wellness

We dive into:
1. The various ways to monetize your expertise as a therapist
2. How to motivate staff to create content
3. The importance of establishing a culture of consistency when it comes to creating content
4. When to fire a therapist and how to do so
5. And why you must make sure you’re supporting employees during performance improvement periods

Episode Highlight: “We’re providing the platform, we’ve got the infrastructure in place, we’ve got the distribution. If you develop a course or if you develop some kind of digital asset that we can sell, we’ll give you half of the revenue. And that’s kind of been the operating agreement for forever for anybody. So now when we hire new people, we talk with them, we’re very overt about the fact that we are not just a brick and mortar PT clinic, I like to say we’re a knowledge dissemination unit. And basically, however they want to be involved in that, as much or as little, is entirely up to them.”

Strata Stories are conversations between Strata’s CEO, Paul Singh, and leaders in the OT & PT world. We interview practice owners, therapists, consultants, and coaches disrupting healthcare to make a positive change!

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