US-Based Tech Support

Author: Paul Singh

Outsourcing physical therapy billing and customer support to an overseas company is one of the easiest ways for a billing company to cut costs and one of the quickest ways for them to destroy customer satisfaction.

Have you ever called a customer service number only to spend half your time trying to explain the reason for your call? It is maddening when you are misunderstood or not taken seriously. How many times have you been told something completely irrelevant, just because it’s “in the script”?

In the health insurance industry, many companies are now outsourcing their customer service overseas in an effort to pay lower wages and avoid US regulations. However, this trend is not just limited to insurance companies as many physical therapy billing and EMR companies have also shifted their billing operations, product development and customer support overseas in an effort to reduce their operating costs.

So what impact does this have on physical therapy private practice owners?

A shiny sales answer would be “a cheaper price with a greater focus on your accounts receivable and better customer service.” However, a more authentic answer would be… “a much lower collection rate and poor customer service.”

In many cases, what is being communicated and promised on the initial sales call is much different than what is actually being delivered. Unfortunately, this doesn’t become apparent until after you’ve signed a long-term contract or until your bank account reaches a record low just a few months later.

We have all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for” and that saying certainly stands true in the world of billing and EMR companies. While you can absolutely find a billing company overseas to do your billing for 4-5%, that lower price point will also lead to other things being lower – such as your revenue. A “fire and forget” billing service (simply submitting claims) is great if you are only looking for a physical therapy billing company to submit your claims and leave all of the labor-intensive follow-up and collections to you and your staff.

At StrataPT, we refuse to outsource as a way to cut costs and we refuse to deliver a “fire and forget” billing service. Every single one of our employees – from accounts receivable specialists to our software engineers – are located in the USA. It is our goal as a company to provide outpatient physical therapy providers with a very robust software platform that is backed by a phenomenal full-service billing team. Our entire team has a lot of pride because that is exactly what we deliver to our customers each and every day.

StrataPT’s reputation of providing a concierge level service that helps practice owners simplify their internal operations and maximize their reimbursement would not be possible if we outsourced our customer support, product development and billing operations overseas.

As the insurance world becomes more complicated, we want our clients to rest easy knowing that their account is being supported by a team of professionals that are located in the United States. While other companies in our industry have transitioned some or all of their operations, product development and customer support overseas, StrataPT remains dedicated to providing our customers with billing services, product development and customer support that is 100% US-based.

If you do not feel like your practice is receiving the attention it deserves, we would love to have one of our US-based team members learn more about your practice. At StrataPT, we refuse to cut corners. Whether or not it’s raining in Uzebekistan, your practice is our priority.