WebPT Competitors: 5 Alternatives for Physical Therapists

Author: Paul Singh

If you’re a physical therapist searching for WebPT competitors and alternatives, it’s likely that you’re looking to replace your current EMR. 

To best manage your physical therapy clinic and grow your revenue, there are some key features to look for in a practice management software:

  1. It should put billing at the heart of everything you do. With most electronic medical record (EMR) software, billing processes are an afterthought—a functionality that’s bolted on to the core features. This way, clinicians are encouraged to see patients, complete their documentation, and then worry about billing later. 

    This approach means you’re more likely to get denied reimbursement claims—and it makes life harder for billing teams. Instead, choose an EMR that puts billing first.
  1. It should be specific to physical therapy. Many PTs still use EMRs that are built for hospital scenarios, meaning they’re often paying for irrelevant functions or find they’re lacking specific documentation templates, such as for SOAP notes. But the reality is: if you do PT, you need software built for PT.

  2. It should handle all your clinics’ processes in one place. You don’t want to use an EMR for documentation, a revenue cycle management (RCM) tool for billing, and a separate software for patient engagement. Instead, get a tool that does it all. 

  3. It should provide customer service that you can rely on. When you’re running a PT clinic, you don’t want software or billing problems holding you up. Make sure that the software you choose backs up useful features with fast, reliable support—particularly when it comes to billing.

In this post, we share five of the main WebPT competitors to consider in your search for an EMR for physical therapists. Throughout this article, we’ll compare the competitors to these four key criteria, so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

1. StrataEMR

The only EMR with billing at its core

StrataPT homepage: The only EMR & RCM designed to achieve a 99.00% reimbursement rate

We’ll start this list of WebPT alternatives with StrataEMR, the physical therapy software developed by the team here at StrataPT. 

StrataEMR is a PT platform that’s designed to get you paid

Unlike other EMRs for PT, StrataEMR makes reimbursement a priority. 

As we mentioned above, most therapy software providers bolt RCM and billing functions onto their existing documentation-focused EMRs. But we flip this on its head. StrataEMR started life as a billing tool and was developed into a complete PT platform.

That means that everything StrataEMR does—from patient intake through to documentation—is focused on getting you paid.

But what does that mean in reality? 

Well, if you’re using WebPT or another competitor, you’re likely only seeing about 80% of your reimbursement claims get paid—due to incomplete or inaccurate documentation. However, with StrataPT, clients get an average reimbursement rate of over 99%. 

They get paid faster, too. With StrataPT, more than 95% of billings are reimbursed within 60 to 90 days. That’s compared to an industry benchmark of 75% paid at 120 days. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • Medical billing is an integral part of documentation. Most EMRs get you to write documentation and then arrange the billing afterwards. This inevitably leads to denied claims, as it’s too easy to issue and document treatment that doesn’t comply with payer rules. Instead, StrataEMR shows therapists what can and can’t be reimbursed while they’re producing documentation. 

  • Practice directors can provide guardrails to help clinicians issue treatment. For example, if a certain payer typically denies reimbursement for a certain treatment or combination of CPT codes, you can ensure therapists don’t issue that treatment. It saves your billing team loads of time correcting claims later on. 

  • You’ll be kept up-to-date with billing rules. Insurers such as Medicare often adjust what can and can’t be billed for—and how much they reimburse practices for certain treatments. You don’t have to worry about any of this because we’ll do it for you. We feed the up-to-date rules directly into the system. 

  • You can make it easier for patients to pay. Alongside insurer payment processes, with StrataEMR, patients can easily see how much they owe for treatment. And they can easily make payments through the patient portal, too.

  • Our billing service will chase all denied claims. The vast majority of your claims will be reimbursed without a hitch. But to ensure our clients receive a reimbursement rate of 99%, our billing service chases down every single denied claim. 

And you don’t have to lift a finger. Unlike other WebPT alternatives out there, we have a human billing team on hand to fight your corner for every denial. 

A quick word on our pricing: 

With StrataPT, you won’t pay anything at all to use our EMR software. We’ll only charge you a small percentage on successful collections, which we’ll grow to a 99% reimbursement rate. That means we only get paid when we help you get paid. 

An adaptable platform to manage your whole practice

StrataEMR Interface: StrataPT’s Billing Service

Many PTs are still juggling lots of different tools to manage their practice—one for their task management and workflows and another for their appointment scheduling. But this is often costing them money, confusing their workflows, and causing them to lose critical information across the different softwares they have in their business.

In contrast, StrataEMR can handle every single task that you need to manage in your medical practice, from patient intake to billing. 

  • The all-in-one system can handle all your tasks. With so much to stay on top of in your healthcare practice, a single practice management solution gives you seamless workflows; all on one screen. StrataEMR provides support for every task, to reduce confusion and keep critical information in the same place. 

  • Information is stored and accessed within a single system. When a patient completes a patient intake form, that information is automatically populated into your medical documentation. Save yourself the hassle of copying it manually.

  • Documentation templates are designed with PTs in mind. So many of our new clients tell us how frustrating it is when other documentation providers force them to use templates that just aren’t relevant to them. With StrataEMR, templates are truly customizable, so you can create the process that’s actually right for you. 

  • Adapt your processes to other types of therapy, too. If you offer occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy, or another type of rehab therapy alongside PT, you can manage this through StrataEMR.

  • See critical data on all your practice processes. Whether you want to see your accounts receivable (AR) or check your rate of appointment no-shows, StrataEMR can provide all the data you need.

Ultimately, all this saves you time while making your business more profitable. For example, one of our customers, Genesis Physical Therapy, managed to cut documentation time down by at least 30%—while increasing profits by 20%. Here’s what Brenton Hanes had to say:

The EMR is simple and easy to use. The screens flow well… Very few visits are written off due to the advanced backend of keeping track of authorizations, scripts, credentialing, and more. By having StrataPT help, we have freed up more space in our office so we can focus on the quality of patient care we provide to our patients. It has also freed up more time for business marketing which has helped bring in even more patients.

Customer service representatives who respond in minutes

At StrataPT, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. We promise:

  • We’ll always be there to help. We respond to every query and request within an average of 22 minutes during working hours. That means your problems get solved as they happen, so you don’t lose any time on the job. 

  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager. They’ll help you customize your software to your specific needs—and run you through everything you need to know. 

  • Our billing team will help with all queries. When it comes to questions of money, you deserve the answers to your questions fast. We’ll ensure you have all the data and information you need to stay up to date on your reimbursements. 

One of the things our clients value the most in our offering is our customer service. For example, Kim, the manager at a clinic who partnered with StrataPT, says: 

Our PT clinic has used StrataPT for two years now, and we couldn’t be happier. The StrataPT staff are very professional and helpful with any EMR/billing issues that we may have. Our Account Manager is very helpful, wonderful, and easy to work with, along with her team. We really appreciate her and the rest of the StrataPT employees. They are definitely a Five Star Billing and EMR service!

StrataPT will help your PT practice increase your revenue and boost your reimbursement rate to higher than 99%. But we’re not the only WebPT competitor out there. In the next sections, we’ll introduce a few more alternatives to WebPT. 

2. Raintree

Raintree homepage: Therapy's Favorite EMR

Another WebPT competitor that’s worth considering for physical therapy practices is Raintree. Of all the software companies on this list, Raintree is probably the largest. In fact, they claim on their website that six of the ten biggest therapy groups in the US use their practice management systems. 

However, this isn’t a software just for PT—nor even primarily for PT. Instead, Raintree provides a platform for all types of therapy, including speech therapy, OT, rehab, pediatric therapy, and PT. This means there’s a lot of customization that needs to be done to create the workflows and edit templates so they make sense for your practice.

Raintree does everything you’d expect from a medical software, including documentation, scheduling and appointment reminders, billing, and more. They also put a lot of emphasis on telehealth and patient engagement features—so if that’s your priority, it could be for you.

In terms of billing and RCM, it’s worth being aware that there’s no billing service included when you sign up to Raintree (like there is with StrataEMR). If you get denied claims, it’s on you to follow them up. 

Overall, Raintree’s a well-established EMR provider, and their platform is aimed primarily at larger clinics. But while the automated billing and RCM functionality is likely to improve your revenue, they don’t do the hard work of chasing unpaid reimbursements. This may result in more revenue being left on the table.  

3. Tebra (formerly Kareo)

Tebra homepage: The digital backbone for your practice success

Tebra is an ambitious new tool with an aim to provide solutions to everyone involved in delivering and receiving medical care. It was launched in 2022 from the merger of Kareo, the EMR, and PatientPop, a software that helps healthcare providers market their clinics to patients.

As such, it’s not just a tool for practices—but a software aimed at practices, patients, and billing companies. It’s trying to do a lot, and it remains to be seen whether it’ll live up to its promise. 

For private practices, there are all the functions you would want from an all-in-one EMR, including documentation, patient experience, and billing. Thanks to the PatientPop features, it also offers solutions to help you grow your practice, including marketing services and social media management tools—which aren’t a common feature of most PT EMRs.

Further, it also provides a function for patients to search for healthcare services they need. For example, they can search for a PT in Houston and your clinic could show up. In this way, it could provide a handy new marketing channel. 

You would imagine that Tebra is fairly hot on billing too, given that it provides software directly to billers. While there are some sophisticated billing tools involved, often you need a human service to chase those denied claims—and with Tebra, that’s lacking. 

Another thing you won’t find here is specific tools for PTs. Instead, it’s for all types of practices. Ultimately, that might not make a lot of sense for your specific needs. 

Overall, Tebra is a new platform hoping to provide solutions for everyone involved in medical care. But if you have specific needs as a PT, this software might not solve those quite so easily. 

4. Heno

Heno homepage: Physical Therapy Software Built for PTs by PTs

Unlike Raintree and Tebra, Heno is built by PTs for PTs. While you may sacrifice a little of the big-name reliability of the likes of Raintree or WebPT, Heno is at least designed from the ground up with the features you need for physical therapy. 

What’s impressive about Heno is that, like us at StrataPT, their software combines EMR functions with RCM. It provides an integrated billing software and service, allowing you to submit billing claims within a single interface. 

That definitely makes life easier than submitting these claims yourself—and ease of use is something that Heno puts a lot of emphasis on. But what Heno doesn’t provide is any information about how much they earn clinics in reimbursements. While easy is good, you really want successful collections and a high reimbursement rate. (For example, at StrataPT, we ensure our clients get a reimbursement rate of over 99%.) 

Otherwise, Heno’s EMR provides everything you need to manage your practice—from patient intake to appointment scheduling. However, reviews on Capterra suggest that the documentation functions are not as customizable as users would have liked. 

What’s more, reviews also point out that customer service is not as prompt or effective as it could be. For PTs or clinic directors who want continued support, this could be a dealbreaker.

Overall, Heno is a PT-focused software designed to make billing easy. However, some past clients have not been fully satisfied by the customer service.

5. Systems4PT

S4PT homepage: Patient and Revenue Lifecycle Management for Outpatient Physical Therapy

As the name suggests, Systems4PT is designed specifically for physical therapists. Unlike other platforms, though, its focus is automation—in documentation, patient engagement, and billing. 

In this way, Systems4PT aims to reduce workloads and eliminate guesswork and human error from your practice management processes. For example, it automatically collects data from medical evaluation and patient intake forms and uses that information to automatically populate your documentation. This information is then integrated with your billing system, so you don’t need to waste your time reentering information. 

That’s definitely a useful feature (although StrataPT and Heno do it too), and Systems4PT claims a really high reimbursement rate for their customers as a result. However, as the system is completely automated, they are lacking a human touch. There’s no team to help with collections or to provide a billing service if your claims are denied. 

It’s also interesting to note that customer reviews suggest Systems4PT comes with a steep learning curve—although it could be worth it in the long run. 

Overall, Systems4PT could be seen as an EMR software which is laser-focused on reducing workloads through automation. 

StrataPT: The WebPT competitor dedicated to growing clinic revenue

There are many WebPT alternatives out there for outpatient practices. But if you’re looking to save time on documentation while increasing your clinic revenue, StrataPT is your best option. With StrataPT:

  • You’ll receive a higher-than-99% reimbursement rate. StrataEMR is the only EMR for PTs on the market that was born as an RCM tool. That means billing is at the heart of everything we do. Our platform, and our team, makes sure you get paid by insurers. 

  • You’ll get paid faster. StrataEMR outperforms industry benchmarks by a mile. For example, before working with us, one clinic had 65% of its accounts receivable older than 90 days. Now, less than 4% of their AR is older than 90 days. 

  • You can adapt your EMR to your practice. With StrataEMR, you can customize your documentation templates, workflows, and tasks to suit the way you work—not how software companies think you should be working.

  • You’ll benefit from unbeatable customer service. Get an answer to your question in an average of 22 minutes during work hours. 

Speak to an expert to learn more about what StrataPT can do for you.