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Operational Efficiency with Routing Simplicity Solutions for the Mobile Therapist

The StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution provides practice owners, therapists and administrative support staff with an intuitive solution that is guaranteed to provide greater operational efficiency and make life on the road easier.
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If you want your life back, you want to change to StrataPT. You have a lot more time on your hands and can actually do a better job with your patients and have time to work on your patients and do what they actually need you to do, versus being stuck in front of a computer the whole time.

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Map Out & Create Your Routes in Seconds

The StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution allows you to automatically create your routes and send appointment reminders to your patients with a simple click of a button. Therapists love how much time it saves them each day so they can re-focus their time on treating more patients and spending more time with their family.
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Receive Driving Intel To Optimize Your Route & Maximize Your Time

Delays on the road are inevitable due to appointments that run long and patient cancellations. The StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution provides you with real time driving data to optimize your schedule and deliver the most efficient route in seconds. Therapists love how much they are able to reduce their windshield time, driving mileage and know exactly when their day will start and end.
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Manage Each Day From Your Mobile Device

The StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution provides everything a therapist needs to efficiently manage their day using their mobile device. From schedule management and routing optimization to patient communication, productivity tracking and electronic visit verification (EVV), therapists love all of the tools they have at their fingertips to make their day so much easier.
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Enjoy One-Click Access To Communicate With Your Patient

Using the StrataEMR Mobile Therapist one-click solution, therapists can quickly get appointment directions, call or text patients and access electronic visit verification (EVV) and clinical documentation all from a single click on their mobile device.
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Receive Real-Time Data To Track Your Productivity & Pay

The StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution delivers real-time driving data so therapists can effortlessly track their productivity, pay, mileage and estimate fuel costs throughout the day. Therapists love how much transparency and insight they now have to track their performance and enhance their productivity.
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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Document Arrivals, Departures and Patient Signatures

With the increased need for visit verification, the StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution allows therapists to easily capture their arrival time, departure time, patient details and GPS coordinates to automatically verify the treatment location. Therapists also love how they can use their mobile device to capture an electronic patient signature and photo for enhanced verification protection.

Experience The Luxury Of Using One System To Manage Your Business

The StrataEMR Mobile Therapist solution provides so much more than just scheduling and routing optimization software. Practice owners, therapists and administrative staff receive an entire suite of solutions provided by StrataPT so they can partner with one company to manage their entire outpatient PT/OT/ST practice.
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