A Business Owner GROWING and DELIVERING Like Crazy! Interview with Josh Funk – Owner and Founder of Rehab2Performance

Join me with guest Dr. Josh Funk in our latest episode of What’s Best For the Patient is Best for Business as we explore the transformative journey of Rehab2Performance in modern healthcare. 

Driven by a commitment to integrate physical therapy, nutrition coaching, and mental health support, Rehab2Performance is reshaping patient care with comprehensive, accessible services. Our discussion digs into the pressing challenges of healthcare accessibility and affordability, advocating for hybrid models that combine in-person sessions with online resources. Josh highlights the importance of addressing these barriers through innovative approaches that cater to diverse patient needs.

We also discuss the evolution from traditional discharge models to a philosophy of continuous engagement. We emphasize the use of newsletters, social media platforms, and online tools to foster community and support holistic health beyond clinic walls.

Josh explains how Rehab2Performance pioneers intrapreneurship within healthcare, creating new roles and opportunities for professionals. He emphasises the significance of mentorship and ongoing education in empowering healthcare providers to navigate and thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

Episode Highlight: “We can’t just sit around twiddling our thumbs, saying, ‘Alright, everybody, get your ass in here and pay X amount of dollars for one-on-one.’ We gotta look at these other things.”

What’s Best For The Patient Is Best For Business is a Strata Studios podcast that helps healthcare and physio Practice owners who want growth, scalability, and financial performance in their businesses! We focus on connecting together all the touch points in the business to create patient success!

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