A Conversation About What Matters Most In Patient Success – Interview with Mike Studer, DPT, Educator and Author

Welcome back to What’s Best For the Patient is Best For Business. In this episode, we dive into essential strategies and insights with Mike Studer, DPT, author, and educator, on how to build trust in healthcare.

Mike begins by highlighting the foundational role of trust in patient care. From the first phone call to face-to-face meetings, he stresses the importance of setting clear expectations and ensuring patients feel heard and respected right from the start.

Next, we discuss the powerful impact of letting patients choose their own treatment paths. By allowing patients to decide, they believe this not only increases their commitment but also improves treatment results.

To wrap it up, we talk about the importance of being genuine in patient interactions. From personalized exercise plans to meaningful check-ins, he explains how authenticity builds trust and encourages long-term patient satisfaction.

Episode Highlight: “Letting patients choose their own treatment paths isn’t just about options; it’s about empowering them to take charge of their health journey.”

Join us as we uncover the secrets to building trust in healthcare. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply interested in patient-centered care, this episode provides valuable insights that everyone can benefit from!

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