Direct to Employer: From the other side AND they want help! – Interview with Greg Sandler, Health Strategist

Join the conversation with Greg Sandler, an expert in employer health benefits and economic development. This episode dives into the nuances of health benefits management, the importance of workers’ compensation, and the critical role of economic development in fostering healthy communities.

Distinguishing between self-insured and fully-insured models, Greg explains the role of CFOs in managing health programs and offers strategies for navigating rising healthcare costs and their impact on employee well-being and productivity. He highlights the distinct nature of workers’ compensation programs, emphasizing how companies, particularly self-insured ones, can manage these programs effectively and support their workforce through comprehensive strategies.

Greg also explores the interplay between healthcare access and economic development, urging listeners to engage with local economic development leaders to support community growth. Prioritizing quality healthcare, education, and housing is crucial for attracting and retaining businesses.

The discussion extends to sector-specific opportunities, addressing the unique health service needs of universities, school districts, and local governments. Greg talks about health insurance and athletic programs in universities, providing physical therapy and healthcare support in schools, and supporting government employees.

He underscores the importance of integrating traditional healthcare services with digital tools and technology, advising a consultative and thoughtful approach in meeting the evolving needs of employers with technological advancements.

Connect with Greg:
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Health System Consultant
P: 201.704.3768

Episode Highlight: “Healthcare is a cornerstone of economic development. By ensuring robust healthcare services and engaging with local economic leaders, we can attract and retain businesses, support community growth, and ultimately create healthier, more resilient communities.” – Greg Sandler

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