Going Direct to Employer: The demand is insane! PART 1 – Interview with Scott Hebert, Ryan Klepps, Founders of Second Door Health

Welcome back to the What’s Best for the Patient is Best for Business podcast where today we will dive into the evolving world of physical therapy, focusing on the cutting-edge approach of direct care models.

Join Jerry Durham and the founders of Second Door Health as they discuss the transformative shift from traditional patient management to innovative strategies that engage directly with self-insured employers, sidestepping the usual insurance pathways. Scott and Ryan bring their rich backgrounds in technology and physical therapy into the conversation, sharing their journey from creating StriveLabs to founding Second Door and how these experiences have shaped their current mission.

Explore how engaging directly with employers and adopting direct-to-consumer models are opening new doors for physical therapy practices to flourish amid staffing, inflation, and cost challenges. The trio also delves into the crucial role of physical therapy in slashing musculoskeletal costs — the heftiest expense for employers — through intelligent, aligned healthcare strategies.

Listen in as our guests lay out actionable steps for PT practices to implement these models, stressing the critical need to target self-insured employers eager to curb spiraling healthcare costs. This episode is packed with insights into the physical therapy business landscape today and a forward-looking perspective on making practices more sustainable and profitable by embracing direct care.

Tune in for a deep dive into the future of physical therapy, where reducing healthcare costs and enhancing patient outcomes are paramount. And make sure you catch part two of our discussion, where we’ll delve even deeper into making these innovative care models a reality.

Episode Highlight: “In PT, you need strong systems to manage patient intake and retention, but the challenge has always been the payment aspect. We used to say you can’t control it; you can only hope to improve it through scale or by demonstrating better outcomes. But honestly, we never had a great answer until now.”

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