Going Direct to Employer: What does it actually look like? PART 2 – Interview with Scott Hebert and Ryan Klepps, Founders of Second Door Health

Welcome back to part 2 where we dive deep into the transformative world of direct care models in physical therapy, brought to you by Second Door Health. In the first episode, we laid the groundwork by discussing the ‘why’—the core motivations and the targeted audience of direct care. Transitioning to this episode, we shift gears to focus more tactically on the ‘how’—the concrete steps and strategies required to operationalize these innovative care models within your practice.

Joined by Scott and Ryan from Second Door Health, this session explores the practical aspects of integrating direct care into existing practices. Learn about creating efficient workflows, reducing administrative burdens, and utilizing Second Door Health’s software solutions designed to enhance care delivery, streamline billing, and maximize return on investment. We discuss the importance of starting with familiar connections in your community, leveraging relationships to ease into direct contracting with local employers.

Whether you’re a seasoned practice owner or a newcomer curious about direct care, this episode provides a comprehensive roadmap and real-time insights into making the transition smoother and less intimidating. From benefit design and enrollment marketing to the final steps of showing tangible results and getting paid, every facet of implementing a successful direct care strategy is covered.

Episode Highlight: “This has been identified as a massive, massive opportunity and a massive need. Employers are looking for MSK cost-reduction solutions… We personally believe that physical therapy is best positioned to fill that gap, meet that need, and take advantage of the window.”

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