Health & Fitness for People Who Work in an Office

As a health and movement advocate who happens to also have a desk job, I understand that healthy can be hard. We live in a fast paced world with more and more conveniences being thrown our way in order to keep up. As obesity and diabetes rates continue to rise and cancer diagnosis reach record highs, the facts can no longer be ignored. Our health and well being is directly impacted by what we put into our mouths and how we move our bodies. I’m here to share simple ways where healthy doesn’t have to be so hard.
  1. Commit to moving everyday. Research shows on average office workers are spending 10 hours a day in a sitting posture! As of June 2015, experts recommended us ‘sitters’ try to add at least 2 hours of standing a day and try to increase this to 4. Suggestions on ‘how?’ include replacing traditional desks with new sit-to-stand desks. If this is not an option, try taking calls standing or even walking in place while on a call or on hold. A tech-savvy way to help inspire this change is to invest in a Fitbit or App that tracks daily steps. This has really helped me reach my daily steps goal.
  2. Preparation is key when it comes to changing lifestyle and food choices. In order for real change to stick, real change may need to take place in the grocery store, then kitchen, then pantry, then when out and about, etc. If you are used to grabbing meals on the go, find the time to make home-made versions of those meals and schedule the time into your calendar to do so. That way you grab-and-go from your own home. After all, the more time you put into taking care of yourself, the more time you will have for living.
Written by: Keely Henry, StrataPT AR Specialist 

Source: StrataPt

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