Living Upstream, Living in the Future, Proving the process for over a decade – Interview with Mike Eisenhart, DPT

In this episode, we welcome back Mike Eisenhart, founder of ProActivity and a repeat guest whose insights into preventive health care remain as relevant as ever. Mike shares his journey from a traditional PT to a pioneer in population health, detailing how he transformed his career dissatisfaction into a thriving direct-to-employer practice.

He discusses the evolution of his business model, ProActivity, which shifts the focus from treatment to prevention, and highlights the financial logic behind investing in employee health.

Mike continues in an advisory role, aiming to expand their reach and impact. Tune in as Mike provides a compelling look at how proactive health care not only saves costs but also enriches lives, offering a powerful model for physical therapists seeking a fulfilling, innovative career path.

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Episode Highlight: “We want to make it this amazing, big, crazy new thing, and I see ‘direct to employer’ being thrown around a lot. It’s not. It’s just, look, there are people who have a problem that you can help, you can solve. Like go find them, make it easy for them to do it and make it easy for you to get paid. When you do that, it works well.”

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