Research Proven: GET UPSTREAM NOW! Your practice depends on it – Interview with Chris Bise, DPT, PhD

Join us for a captivating episode where we delve into the heart of healthcare transformation with Dr. Chris Bice. In this conversation, we explore the evolving landscape of physical therapy and its pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Dr. Bice shares insights from his groundbreaking paper, “First Provider Seen for an Acute Episode of Low Back Pain Influences Subsequent Healthcare Utilization,” published in the Physical Therapy Journal. We dissect the implications of this research, highlighting the critical importance of access to care and the triage mindset in optimizing patient outcomes.
From redefining evidence-based practice to embracing value-based care, Dr. Bice challenges traditional paradigms and emphasizes the need for leadership and collaboration across healthcare disciplines. We uncover the significance of failure to progress metrics and psychologically informed practice in driving positive patient outcomes.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Bice underscores the urgency of moving beyond fee-for-service models towards a system that prioritizes patient-centric care and sustainable healthcare delivery. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he shares invaluable insights for students and clinicians alike, urging them to champion evidence-based practice and lead the charge in shaping a brighter future for healthcare.

Tune in to this enlightening episode as we navigate the complexities of modern healthcare and chart a course towards a more inclusive, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare system.

Episode Highlight: “Our value is not in the treatments and services. It’s in the higher level stuff. It’s actually in the evaluation, which is a triage. Let’s be honest. The PT evaluation is a triage, right? It really is. I think ‘triage’ is going to become one of my top words at 2024, as far as where the profession needs to be thinking and heading.”

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