Software Integrating with Increased Physio Practice – Interview with Shreya Jagarlamudi, Co-Founder & CEO of Pledge Health

We’re contuniung the conversation about getting paid in healthcare. In today’s episode, Jerry welcomes Shreya, co-founder and CEO of Pledge Health, a pioneering platform in patient AR management. Shreya shares her journey from tech at Microsoft to disrupting healthcare billing with Pledge Health. Their platform automates benefits verification, creates cost estimates, and facilitates seamless patient communication. Imagine knowing your healthcare costs upfront—no surprises, just clarity.

Discover how Shreya’s personal frustration with healthcare billing led to a revolutionary approach that’s streamlining processes for clinics and improving patient satisfaction. From reducing front desk workload to increasing collections, Pledge Health is transforming healthcare economics one clinic at a time.

Tune in as Jerry and Shreya discuss the impact of transparency on patient care, the future of healthcare automation, and why understanding costs upfront is crucial for both patients and providers. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply curious about the future of medical billing, this episode offers insights you won’t want to miss.

Episode Highlight: “Don’t neglect patient responsibility. It used to be a tiny blip in your collections, now it’s 30%. 30% is a lot of money.”

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